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Jan 25, 2019

It was a much better day

So the painters eventually did arrive.  We were shut out of the RV for a bit as they did their thing as the door was taped off.  Actually today it was only the main fellow and his very young son who came.  I think today was a school holiday as we saw many young ones […]


Jan 24, 2019

Well today did not go any better, not at all

So how was my day?  Well I am over 12,000 steps, that should tell you something 😯 We had a good beach walk early this morning just beating the incoming tide.  We met some folks from RV2 who had seen some newly hatched tiny turtles cross over the sand towards the water.  They did not […]


Jan 23, 2019

A new day and more RV problems

It was a struggle walking back through the soft sand but I managed.  I am in the midst of organizing a catamaran cruise to see the Carnival fireworks on March 2nd.  We will be picked up here at the RV park and the boat will leave from the Isla and three hours later will return […]


Jan 22, 2019

Yesterday’s happy hour and a part of today


Jan 21, 2019

Yesterday, Sunday, was a better day

Colin did some wedding photos for them back on 2013, click here for the link to those photos.   We got back to an unexpected happy hour, an adios to some RVers.  From one thing to the next. Thanks all for your comments of support and suggestions re the carpet smell and of my hair.  […]


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