Jan 29, 2019

Special evening yesterday

Fabulous clouds in the sky as we headed over to a 65th beach birthday celebration at RV2

Thank you so much for all of your comments and emails re the last post.   I will add in the emailed comments in the next few hours.  I am overwhelmed with all of your suggestions.  I need to digest your comments and suggestions and then I will get back to you with more specific questions.  Now which e-reader or should I get an iPad mini or regular iPad and use that as my book which would double as internet and email for one of us if the other is on the laptop while in Europe?  Usually me doing a blog post 😀

We were invited last night to RV 2 to celebrate Cheryl’s 65th birthday.  It was a beach party with music and dancing.  Only certain musicians were hired but the band doubled in size because of their love of playing and we were in for a real treat.  Colin and I were there for her 60th five years ago and that was when we were introduced to my favorite group, Los Cryps.  I couldn’t help but think about what we would all be like in five years for Cheryl’s 70th.  Hopefully we will still all be dancing as much as we were last night.

The low light made it difficult to take a good photo.  We took several photos but they just did not turn out.

Honestly the music was good but not great.  When our friend Kevin joined in for a set everyone on the beach jumped up to dance because of a change in the music.  Overall everyone had a great time.

More on the e-reader devices and the arrival of some special friends here at Tres Amigos in the next few blog posts.


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  1. Another great Mexican sunset!

  2. I have no doubt that you’ll both be dancing in five years!

  3. George Yates says:

    More fun in Mexico. Suzie has an I-pad mini and uses too, but the battery charge does not last long and is hard to read in the sun. But does work on the internet. My Kobo is for reading only (keeps me off the Internet) and battery charge is good for about 70 hours reading, Plus it works well in the direct sunlight , And small enough about the size of a paperback.
    Ultimately the choice is yours.

    • contessa says:

      Okay,good info to know. I like the iPad idea as I will only be using this as we travel internationally. Here in Mexico and at home I will likely still read real books. The iPad will give both of us internet access while we travel and give me books to read. Not too worried about the battery as one is able to charge devices on most fights.

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