Jan 27, 2019

Hotel Belmar ~ The Ghost has the Key

I just finished this book a few days ago.  It was written by an American now living in Mazatlan, S.K. Carnes.  The Hotel Belmar is just a few blocks from her home on  Angel Flores here in Mazatlan.  The novel is a lovely story filled with the history of Mazatlan specifically and Mexico in general and centered around the ghosts who have lived at the Hotel Belmar on Olas Altas.  The ghosts are real people who have lived in the hotel over the years including John Wayne and Errol Flynn.  Susan has used the spirit life to unveil the history of the Belmar and at the same time reveal much history about this wonderful city.  If you have ever been to Mazatlan or plan to visit, this is a compelling read.   The book is crammed full of history but it is exciting to read what happened over the years.  I had no idea that Mazatlan is considered such an important place in Mexico.

Words from the author…

I wondered as I wandered past the old hotel with a commanding view of the Pacific. Wondered and wished to know the stories those walls could tell. All around the Hotel Belmar, the streets were named for Mexican heroes. Who were they? And who was left to tell these stories? Did the famous ghosts of the Belmar give interviews? Two years ago, I decided to find out.
The words of many Mexican songs tell such tales. Oh, to know the significance of which a Nation sings! Legends and superstitions layer Mexican culture. Unsolved mysteries. Secrets buried with the dead in mysterious graveyards and sunk with the gold and silver treasures of lost ships in the sands of Mazatlán’s famous harbor. Perhaps the greatest treasures were the stories waiting to be told.
The ghosts wanted to be heard because the community came to me with what they knew. I used my skills of illustration to create pictures of eleven infamous ghosts. The book was an international effort as I found myself, an American, collaborating with a Mexican “detective of history, ” a Canadian editor, and a Bosnian graphic artist to present this work of fancy and fact, drawing on research from Mazatlan’s archives, USC Berkley’s libraries and hundreds of books and articles. It was fun. It was exhausting. It was illuminating and gratifying. And it was just scratching the surface!

I don’t think that I have ever recommended a book before but please give this one a read.  You will be happy you did 😎

You can get the Kindle book by clicking here.  Only $5.84USD.   I like to have a book in my hands when I read and you can order a paperback by clicking here.  Only $15.00 USD.  There are also reviews to be read on those links.

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8 Responses to “Hotel Belmar ~ The Ghost has the Key”

  1. SandyM says:

    Goodness, you have hooked me…..I just ordered the book. I always loved to peek in the Belmar when we strolled by it. We even looked at a room there some year ago but it was a bit run down but oh so much fun to take a look on an upper floor.

    • contessa says:

      Let me know what you think once you have read it. One of Erik, the RV tech, former helpers, has recently moved into the Belmar. And yes it is still run down.

  2. George Yates says:

    i would enjoy reading maybe will see if we can get a downloaded version. Kinda format does not work on an I pad or Kobo, we will have to convert it to and e-pub format.

  3. Kathy Hutcheon says:

    Is it for sale anywhere in Mazatlán. I am here for awhile and would love to read it. I only have a Kobo so can’t order it.

  4. sherry says:

    Hi……..a friend loaned me a copy of “Hotel BElmar” and a wonderful Mexican waiter saw it – got so excited, grabbed it saying “this is true….this is true” and carried it off to show his wife. He was so
    disappointed when he returned it saying, “This is not in Spanish.” I said “no” but promised myself I would look to see if there is a translation. Do you know of any? He’d be SO happy. Sherry

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