Jan 15, 2019

Que pasa

Well after two perfect days we are back to gray sky and humidity.  Pretty empty beach.

However we did have some surprise visitors the other morning.  For the second time ever in my nine winters here, we had some whales come along to entertain us.  So much fun and there was even a baby who did a lot of jumping out of the water.  They stayed within view of the RV park for over an hour.

However we continue to walk every day.  I was disappointed today to find that someone had dug up a live starfish to take as a souvenir.  A dead dry starfish would be merely laying on top of the sand.  As the tide was only just going out it was obvious that this one was was killed 🙁

Yesterday Colin changed our sediment filter.  Really very clean considering we have been here exactly two months.  When we were in Acapulco our filters were green with slime.

Yes we do have a complicated water set up.  Two hoses to the back ( one for my plants & the other for car washing or for Ismael to use ), another to the water softener and then to the water filters ( sediment and carbon ) which go to our water tank and then one more to the front for my plants and for washing our feet when we come off the beach.  Plus one extra white hose ( coiled ) for flushing our tanks.  I should get a photo of all the valves 🙂

I was doing some research on my blog ( that is how I recall things ) and came across what our newly planted back garden looked like back in the spring of 2012.

One year later, in 2013  you can see the growth as well as the addition of two palms which I had planted in the fall of 2012.  They had grown well over that winter.

Just for the fun of it I took this photo yesterday.  I now live in a jungle.

Some fun facts.  Now I know why I see so many fire trucks from Grand Prairie ( Alberta ) on them.  Donated and driven down here.

As it was a dull day I spent most of it inside working on the computer.  I looked out at the sunset and it seemed dim.  A few minutes later I was like wow, so I rushed outside.

…and it only got better.

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16 Responses to “Que pasa”

  1. Don & Kathy McKelvay says:

    As usual fantastic sunsets. Here in London with the snow, your pictures warm our hearts!

  2. Marie B Weber says:

    Beautiful jungle. I like. Soooo relaxing.

  3. Steve says:

    I am glad you caught those sunsets … fabulous. Your water system .. too many moving parts for me. I to use my blog as a reference. It’s fun to look back different years on the exact day the day is. It certainly helps with an memory loss. 🙂

    • contessa says:

      The water system is a necessity. Hmm forget to take a photo of those moving parts. As they say here in Mexico manana. Sorry I have no idea how to do the accents on my computer.

  4. George Yates says:

    Nice memories and the blog is a great way to store them. Love the information about Mexico.

    • contessa says:

      I so appreciate your daily comments George. I woudl be so happy to have you both come down again but I understand your issues.

  5. Sandie says:

    It’s been dreary up here also. I would love to see the whales. Love those sunsets.

    • contessa says:

      It was truly amazing as seeing the whales is not a give but those sunsets certainly are. Happy to have you along with us.

  6. Bryan Seaton says:

    The sunsets are one of the main things that I look forward to when visiting Mazatlan. Great pictures!

  7. Deb says:

    Some fun facts, thanks for sharing.
    I think the JUNGLE looks fabulous.
    Fantastic pictures of the sunset!!!

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