Jan 14, 2019

The walk, part two

One of my favorite new homes.  So much new construction.  Surprising.  Business must be good because of the new road.

Well that is one way to get your PVC pipes from point A to B.

What a beautiful tree for this mechanic to have set up under.

What interesting decor.  Can you see the four different heads?

A close up of two.

Love the color, the decorative pillars and the boat mid left.  The sidewalk is the same design as those pillars.

A new mini restaurant.  First time I have seen anyone there.

This is the home that we went to get sweet potatoes for Carmeh when she was so very sick.  We were desperate for the sweet potatoes and I saw a several large bags by their door.  I went in and asked to buy some but they just gave them to us.  Lovely people.  The house used to be purple and now has had a facelift and a new paint job.  The fence, gate and driveway are all new.  That is the gym on the right.

A barbershop on the Isla.

Do you get the name?  Should be haircut!

Another people mover aka a monkey wagon bringing in a bunch of tourists to one of the restaurants for the day.

Looks like a cemetery for old pangas.

Traffic jam of old parked trucks.

Pickles are impossible to find in Mexico. However I did find two different types in one small tienda here on the Isla.  Sweet pickles and dill pickles. Totally amazing.

Only on Sundays the owner of this home offers a comida del dia/special of the day up top.  I have been told that the food is excellent and most reasonable.

Shortly after returning home from our long walk, Eric the RV tech showed up and did three things on our to do list.  This was a big one and he had to pull out our oven to get to the problem.  So grateful that he had time to see us.  We still have a few other things to get done but the priorities  have been addressed.

A very fun afternoon on our beach.  RVers from our park sitting out in their chairs, a new fellow from the back row pulling  their boat in out of the water while Pierre is about to head out for a sail in his catamaran.  A really wonderful day here on the Isla.

A splendid ending to a perfect day.


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12 Responses to “The walk, part two”

  1. Nancy & Doug says:

    Thanks for another great trip around the Isla, Contessa. Especially enjoyable to gaze upon while we are working. It really breaks up the day!!


    • contessa says:

      I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you. However soon you will be free and be here in Mexico. It would be wonderful to meet you here one day.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks for the tour. Great pictures as always. You really have a nice place to spend the winter.

  3. Rae says:

    Wow is the Isla changing… expected now that the road is paved, but still sad.

    Mérida has plenty of pickles. Mostly dills, though, as that’s what they put on burgers. Harder to find sweet ones.

  4. George Yates says:

    Another fun day enjoying the local sights I remember wandering about the isla almost everyday, It just felt so comfortable.

  5. Deb says:

    What a colourful place. I would need to stock up on pickles like you stock up on wine. Haha
    Beautiful views once again. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Leslie Zpt says:

    Love the pics!
    What’s the Spanish word of the day? I don’t see a place to click?

    Gracias por la vista bonita!

    • contessa says:

      Sadly that feature just upped and died last year. Still hoping to get it back up and running.

      Welcome to the comment section of my blog.

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