Jan 11, 2019

Got my camera back

We went over to Playa Sur yesterday to pick up my now dust free camera.   The repair cost was 250 pesos/$13.10USD/$17.40CAD ( in November he charged me 300 pesos ).  He went on and on about how much dust there was and that he had to redo the cleanse three times.   He insisted that the camera be carried in a plastic Ziploc bag.  It is ever so much easier to carry such a small point and shoot camera in a pocket or a purse but that is how it gets a lot of dust and lint on it.  Each time the camera is turned on the lens zooms out 1 & 1/8th of an inch.   Right away without even zooming far out on the horizon to take a photo dust has an opportunity to enter the camera.  There is no seal to stop the dust from traveling inside each time the camera is used.  We had been told last November to keep the camera in a bag or in a case.  I did not do so.  Too much trouble digging it out every time I wanted to take a photo.  So not even two months later my camera was again full of dust spots.  I now have the camera inside a Ziplock bag.  It is a real pain to use that way. But if I don’t want dust I have no choice.  This last time the dust was spread over a large area and I could not shoot around it.

I asked the camera doctor( sorry I don’t know his name ) what was the best type of camera to get to prevent dust.  His answer was instant.  A sealed camera such as an underwater camera.

Such as this one.


Here is the link to that one.   My camera guy suggested a Canon of Fuji waterproof camera.  Click here for a link to a Fuji model.   Being waterproof they are of course dust proof.  The prices are all over the map from low to very high.  Of course there is limited if any zooming.  However it is something to think about should I get another camera and Kathy, it would be the answer to you taking photos from the back of your motorcycle.

We had left the car at the Playa Sur embarcadero and from the camera place we walked over the the Plazuaela Machado, from there to the bank and then to the Mercardo.  We walked over three miles and it was hot and sticky with the humidity.  I loved this new to me shop located just behind Gaia.


The shop is called Colores Latino.

Very colorful.

There seems to be construction almost everywhere in centro.  I must say that it is a real pain digging out the camera now.

Anyone want to rent a lovely home just a few blocks from the Machado.

A new coffee bistro on Angel Flores.

At least this project is moving along fairly rapidly.

That was my last photo taken in town.  I was hot and sticky and  it was too much bother to keep digging out the camera.  Hopefully it was the humidity wearing me down and eventually I will figure out a system in using the camera while keeping it protected.  We did our shopping in the mercardo but I was really feeling weak.  Perhaps dehydrated.  So we stopped and shared a shrimp burger and some fresh squeezed orange juice.  It was a full hour before I usually eat but I knew that my body needed something.  We then got our fresh shrimp and snapper and took a pulmonia back to the Playa Sur embarcadero.  I was too worn out to walk back.  Once home and all was put away I just sat and read and relaxed.

We had a lovely sunset followed by a great dinner.  I will say that I did sleep well last night.

Thank you for all of your input on your cameras and other suggestions.  I really can’t see myself using my iPhone 6 to take photos.  The main reason is that I have no idea how to use it but one reader did suggest some apps that might help with size, etc.  Someone here did give me a few suggestions but I found that the photos were bad.  If I ever have any spare time I will look into it.


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14 Responses to “Got my camera back”

  1. Kathryn Tycho says:

    There is no perfect answer to the camera solution. If you look on the net the dust issue is common and many techie people learn how to clean their own cameras. I have no doubt that the more zoom we get the worse the problem is. The camera that you showed would be fine for the bike and something to think about when I give up on my scratched canon. I use a soft sunglasses bag right now. If I take the old camera to the beach I use a plastic bag which is a pain. At least it’s cheap to have them cleaned here.

    • contessa says:

      Yes at least it is cheap to have them cleaned here But it looks like I will have to do it yet again. I guess I will have to start interviewing new cameras.

  2. Marie B Weber says:

    Hey girl. I have the Fuji camera. Purchased in Albuquerque. For the ballon fest. Paid just under $200. Included SD card,strap and case. It is OK. Have not mastered the wirefi or loading to computer. I ‘like the pictures my I phone takes because you can add a little light or whatever, right then and you have the pic you want. I use both but I phone is full. No storage. The Fuji does feel like a study tough camera. But is just a little bigger than pocket size, especially if you leave it in case. I really like the strap.

  3. George Yates says:

    I told you about my Panasonic Lumix that I love, saw it the other day on Sale at Target for $139.00 a very good price I paid about $200.00 for mine.

  4. Deb says:

    Sorry about the camera woes. I can be of no help as I use either my phone or my Nikon 3100.

    I love the colours in the new to you store. Very festive and inviting.

  5. Peter says:

    Well I hope you get used to the new camera technique because I like the pictures you take. Enjoy the beach, we are having sunny days here and 10°C highs. Can’t complain about that. Hopefully some weeks in Mexico next winter…

  6. I have that exact Canon underwater camera – hubby bought it for my birthday 2 years ago. We snorkel and kayak with it but it takes good regular pictures. Cheapest at Costco. I am taking it to Ixtapa. Even better if you ever accidentally drop it in water it is safe, good for scuba too so you can go pretty deep with it without cracking like what happened to my last underwater camera (a helpful free diver took it too deep when we were in Playa Del Carmen swimming with the giant turtles).

    • contessa says:

      You do??? I think I may have to look into something like that. For some reason I am prone to zoom in on things and I don’t think it zooms.

  7. Dolores T says:

    That blue underwater camera is what I gave n it takes pretty decent pics… I am happy with.. nothing like pics used to take in the 80-90’s tho w/ Canon EOS 1… ( I think, been so long since went digital) got that after losing three!! Yes, 3!!! Cameras to water incidents, apparently I am a really slow learner…. ?

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