Jan 03, 2019

Some on the scene news.

I heard from a number of blog readers and friends who are in Arizona about how cold it is.

My friend in Lake Havasu sends this report.

My friend in the Phoenix area sent me this today…..It has been cool here since Christmas as well.  It is still sunny so we can still get out and golf and walk although we do wear long pants.  It has also been freezing here at night so I have had to cover some bushes and brought my potted plants into the garage.  The good news is that it is warming up to the high teens tomorrow and no more frost in the forecast! 

Our friends in Amado, which is just south of Tuscon, had six inches of snow in their yard yesterday.

A beautiful vista but they are very cold as it is 19F and there is still some snow on the ground today.

I am happy to report that we here on the Isla actually saw sunshine today.  About 2PM I was seeing a temperature of 75F under the palapa in the shade.  I had all the windows open and inside the RV it was 83F.  Perfect 😎  I was enjoying sitting outside in the sun sipping a glass of wine as I started a new novel when our neighbors dropped it.  Colin came out of his music room to join us.

We were all surprised to see this water skier. Not a common sight here.

The clouds had started to come in but we did finally have a sunset.  It certainly was a good beach day.

I was reading earlier today that Mazatlan had 90 cruise ships arrive in 2018 and that in 2019, 149 cruise boats have been scheduled.  That means 1/2 million visitors to this port this year.  Great for the economy.

One more bit of news to share.  Colin pointed this out to me today.  If you take blood pressure medication you might want to read this article.  There has been a recall on some related medications.  Please check your meds against this article.  Don’t stop taking your blood pressure medication but contact your physician.

Rocket fuel!  Not a good note to end this post on, but please check that your medication is not on the list.



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5 Responses to “Some on the scene news.”

  1. George Yates says:

    We near Yuma Arizona as you know , but no freezing weather and no snow, Just blue sunny skies though a cool north wind.We can handle this and will be getting nicer.

  2. Deb says:

    Wonky weather every where in the USA I think. Except maybe Florida.
    It is warmer than back home in Ontario, Canada. We won’t complain. There is no humidity, no flooding rains, no big snow falls, no freezing rain or sleet. We are fortunate indeed.

  3. rocmoc says:

    Love the pics, LOL!

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  4. Paul says:

    Your blog is so valuable!

    Thanks for sharing..

    Enjoy your beautiful day in Isla.


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