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Jan 15, 2019

Que pasa

However we did have some surprise visitors the other morning.  For the second time ever in my nine winters here, we had some whales come along to entertain us.  So much fun and there was even a baby who did a lot of jumping out of the water.  They stayed within view of the RV […]


Jan 14, 2019

The walk, part two



Jan 13, 2019

Saturday was one of those perfect days

It was a lovely day yesterday, a perfect temperature, sunshine, blue sky and a light breeze.  Perfect for a walk into the village.  I needed to put some money on my iPhone.  For 200 pesos/ roughly $10.50US, I get unlimited calling and texting within Mexico, Canada and the USA plus some data.  The only problem […]


Jan 12, 2019

Yesterday was mostly overcast

But it was warm and cozy just sitting outside reading.  We did do our beach walk but I didn’t take photos. Today I took a look of photos to share with you tomorrow.  Sadly I found dust in the sky area 😥


Jan 11, 2019

Got my camera back

We went over to Playa Sur yesterday to pick up my now dust free camera.   The repair cost was 250 pesos/$13.10USD/$17.40CAD ( in November he charged me 300 pesos ).  He went on and on about how much dust there was and that he had to redo the cleanse three times.   He insisted that the […]


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