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Dec 31, 2019

I have no idea how this happened

We went to the Imaging Clinic yesterday morning to pick up my MRI results.  I was handed a very large envelope containing my MRI CD, actual X-rays taken from that and a report written in Spanish.  I had to pay extra to get it translated and that arrived today.  I was supposed to meet the […]


Dec 30, 2019

How we spent Christmas Day

This post catches me up to real time. Stayed tuned for the latest news tomorrow which makes me sad.      


Dec 29, 2019

Extraordinary spectacular sunset

On December 24th we were privileged to see a most wonderful sunset.  We had spent the day cleaning up from our posada party and doing a bit of food prep for our Christmas dinner as well as fitting in a bit of relaxation here and there.  My knee was sore but my soul was happy. […]


Dec 28, 2019

Our Christmas party this past Monday, the 23rd

Our party was for all those camped here at RV1.  It was a pot luck but as the host I felt the need to prepare at least four main food items plus I added a few things like appetizers and truffles from Belgium after dinner.                    


Dec 27, 2019

No diagnosis yet

So now we sit until Monday where we will be given a report about the MRI and we will be referred to a specialist and then we go from there.  I was told to go back to ice rather heat and to rest. I can’t sit at my computer for long as my leg is […]


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