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Dec 19, 2018

The Tuesday project and a new cruise ship thing!

As if that wasn’t enough excitement yesterday, we had an outstanding display of dolphin activity just before sunset.  They were feeding directly in front of the RV park for over twenty minutes.  It was fun to watch them moving in every direction, often jumping high enough for us to see their backs.  I think I […]


Dec 18, 2018

Laid back Monday

The day started with a 90 minute massage for me.  Colin spent that time playing.  Once I showered and my hair was dry we headed over to the Mercardo in Centro.  Last year Colin suggested that we once again exchange a few Christmas gifts  ( we haven’t for several years ).  It certainly added extra […]


Dec 17, 2018

Our weekend was special

We discovered Los Cryps in late 2013.  I loved their music so very much ( still do ).  This link takes you to what I called an Enchanted Evening, January 18, 2014. Please take a moment to click on it and read about that evening, still very very special to me. The next time we […]


Dec 16, 2018

Catching up on some of our happenings


Dec 14, 2018

Tres Amigos Que Pasa


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