Dec 30, 2018

Yet another evening out

Last night six of us from RV1 headed into Mazatlan to enjoy the sounds of Los Cryps at Gaia Bistro.  We were there exactly two weeks ago enjoying the same group.  The band was even more amazing.

Not too many photos. We were living in the moment.

The music was so energetic… kept us on our toes.  Be sure to raise your volume for this one minute video.


Yesterday was our second very late night ( as in 11:45PM arrival back to the RV ).  The previous evening we had attended our very first ever quinceañera .  Scroll down on that link for information specific to Mexico. More on that fiesta in a few days.  We were overwhelmed with how special the evening was.

Tonight’s sunset.  Many families came down to the beach today despite the unusual cool temperature.  Only a high of 70F today.  I was so happy for their sake that the sun came out for the last hour and gave them a special sunset.

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