Dec 29, 2018

Another story about butterflies

Where to start?  Butterflies have been a part of our lives along with owning our doxies.  I have several new readers of late and I direct you here to read about the loss of our dachshunds.   I can’t believe that it has been 21 months today that they left us.  It still seems like only yesterday that we held them and loved them.  Just over a week later I wrote a special story of that day and butterflies, you can read that here.  It will explain our closeness to butterflies.  There are many other times I have written about butterflies, you can read those stories if you wish by typing in butterfly in the search box at the top right of this page.  The lastest story was about a butterfly release we were involved in this past July.

We had many visitors on Christmas Day.  He had a bath but was moving too fast for me to catch the splashing.

Christmas afternoon I had walked over to the wall to better see the activities along the beach.  I felt something tap me mid back and then a butterfly flew around me and landed in front of me on the wall.  Bottom right.  And yes it was cool enough for a sweater.

This very special visitor sat there for the longest time, opening and closing its wings but never moving from where it had landed.  So very beautiful and rather large.

It stayed even as Colin approached and I moved away.  Eventually Colin got up and then the butterfly flew to his chest and paused there for a moment before flying away.  It had stayed with us for well over five minutes.

The butterfly just moved a few feet away.  Our neighbors had put up oranges when they noticed how our oranges attracted various birds.  Our butterfly, which we knew right away was there as a sign from our girls, went to land on the orange.  But this small yellow bird would not let it rest on the orange.

Our butterfly tried to get the bird to move but the bird was not leaving.  You can see the butterfly in the top right corner above the pink.   It kept flying to the bird and the bird kept sending it away.  Finally our butterfly flew away.

Yesterday we had another butterfly visit. This one kept trying to get inside the RV through the screen door.  In fact the noise against the screen is what made me become aware of its presence.  It was even larger than the one we saw on Christmas Day.  Colin was outside around the corner and returned in time to see our special visitor.  I tried to pass the camera to him through an open window and screen next to my driving seat but in that brief moment our visitor had flown away.

Colin and I both feel very strongly that these were indeed visits from our girls.  How very special for us to have experienced this and so close to the 21 month anniversary of them leaving us.  Life is so very precious.  Live each day to the fullest.


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14 Responses to “Another story about butterflies”

  1. George Yates says:

    I remember the girls with found memories and your Butterfly stories as well over the years. So special for you.

  2. Gene Siesky says:

    I believe that is a moth, not a butterfly. It’s hard to tell from your photos, but the antennae look more like a moths.

  3. Cat M says:

    Contessa, I totally agree with you about the butterflies being a sign that your girls are still with you.

    I have a friend whose son committed suicide several years ago and she did not want to release balloons because they do so much damage to the environment. So at his military memorial service everyone released butterflies that were given to them in a small box shortly before the time for the release arrived. She said it’s better for the environment than balloons and that Native Americans say butterflies are secret keepers because their wings make no sound so if you tell them a secret they will carry it to the heavens.

    My two beagles, Chiqui and Tita, are buried in my back yard, and I love seeing the butterflies fluttering around the flowers I have planted on their graves.

  4. Phyllis says:

    Such a sensitive and beautiful post today.
    I can relate to your connection with butterflies.
    In my situation with losing a son, it was the hummingbirds that connected with me.

  5. Sandie says:

    It’s been 2 1/2 years since we lost Scooter and it seems like only yesterday. Your girls lived you so much and they wanted to let you know they are waiting for you.

  6. Linda and Russell says:

    What a special story…

    Wishing you and Colin a Happy New Year!

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