Dec 21, 2018

Christmas Que Pasa

First off thanks for all of your comments and suggestions re my blog reading issues.  By end of day I had figured out that most of the problems were related to those posting with Blogger as opposed to WordPress.  Then I got an email which confirmed that as well as another comment that suggested that those using Windows ( and being on Blogger in my opinion ) created the issue. Some glitch possibly due to a Windows update.  All is well now and I am catching up on all the posts that I missed.  Happy to say that I am using WordPress and using an Apple computer and it wasn’t my problem after all.

I needed to clean the fresh shrimp I had purchased in town earlier in the day yesterday so that I could freeze them for our Christmas dinner.  Always a bit of a process taking off the heads and tails as well as de veining each one, no need to eat what is in their digestive tract.

Colin got the memo that Christmas photos were required.

This one was taken by me but his are very different and much better.  Bigger camera = better photos.  Can you see that bright white light in the middle of the shot.

That is this display of our  special pet ornaments.  See those five stocking above.  I knit those one for each of the 5C’s.

With the flash on you can see the details.  The photo of the five of us was taken in Acapulco at least 13 years ago.  Our new hot air balloon ornament on the left of that frame and on the right our new piece of crystal.  The other ornaments we have had for several years.

This morning on our walk, one of the new foals came up beside us.

Our sunset this evening.

Time now to prepare our usual late dinner.  Love listening to Christmas carols in the background both in French and in English.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for the unveiling of our Christmas lights.




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8 Responses to “Christmas Que Pasa”

  1. Carol Connor says:

    Very festive…we visited with you both last year with Alan and Laura. Your beautiful photos and vivid narratives make me feel like I am sitting on your patio again!

    • contessa says:

      Thank you Carol. Will you be visiting in February when Alan and Laura will be here?

      • Carol Connor says:

        Unfortunately we won’t be able to come this winter but we are definitely planning for next year. I have emailed the park to ask for a spot….already excited about being there. Your gorgeous beach and sunsets are making me want 2020 to hurry!

  2. George Yates says:

    Glad you got the blog issue straightened out, Our is done in Blogger with and Apple and I did not have any problems wonder why you did. Nothing like fresh shrimp hope to get some soon.

  3. Dolores T says:

    Everything so pretty!!!

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