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Dec 07, 2018

Scenes from a beach walk a few days ago



Dec 06, 2018

I just got a massive refund

We have been planning our next trip to Europe, leaving May 15th, for six weeks.  This trip will be using the last of our Aeroplan points and we are once again traveling business class.  I booked our flights this last July.   We had to go with what we could book at the time and that […]


Dec 05, 2018

Candid photos from the colonia on the Isla

Here on Isla de la Piedra we have ejido and colonia  lands.  I am not an expert but in a tiny nutshell the ejido lands are a Mexican system of government, an area of communal land used for agriculture, on which community members individually farm designated parcels and collectively maintain communal holdings.  The colonia is […]


Dec 04, 2018

Palapa repair

There has been a lot of wind this year and our palapa needed some repairs.  If you don’t keep maintaining it, it will get worse much quicker.  Our palapa was born in November 2011, click here for that post.  If you click the next few posts from there you will see how it came about […]


Dec 03, 2018

A fun Christmas gift at a great price and the last calendar photo of the year

What is it?   Why just the cutest gift that anyone could possible want. Its a USB heated mouse pad hand warmer in Warm Winter Pink for only  $17.97.  I wish that I was either back in Canada or the the US so that I could order this.  I think it is a unique gift idea […]


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