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Nov 25, 2018

Getting things done

For some reason I never heard the plant truck arrive on Friday and no one told me it was here.  So Saturday we headed out into Mazatlan to find our favorite nursery and get some plants.  Over the past summer Colin got the GPS in the Jeep updated and we now are able to use […]


Nov 24, 2018

Another meet up with friends



Nov 23, 2018

Que Pasa

I read my news online. When I saw an article on Isla de la Piedra the other day I never expected to see the following.  Click here for the article.  What truly surprised me was the second photo.  Actually I was shocked to see our girls in a recent news article. Yesterday passed in a […]


Nov 22, 2018

So I had a party…

We had folks arriving yesterday and some leaving this morning.  So it seemed like yesterday was the perfect time to have a hour hour.  Thus far half the people here in RV1 are new to the park.  A real different mix this winter.  I am just going to post a small selection of the photos […]


Nov 21, 2018

First trip into Mazatlan

Yesterday started off with a lovely visit with Anne my blog reader.  She is just down the road from the RV park in a very nice two bedroom rental for a very reasonable price.  Colin and I got a few more things crossed off the list and then I had to get ready to head […]


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