Nov 29, 2018

Camera drop off and a walk into Centro

We were headed into Mazatlan but this time via the Playa Sur embarcadero. As you can see the locals are cold and wearing heavy jackets.

So much rust on her bike chain but it still is taking her where she needs to go.

The lancha arrives.  Unlike the main embarcadero there is no handle to grab onto to get into the boat. Due to the shape of these boats they have to come into dock with the prow directly into the dock which makes it a struggle to get on and again to get off.  At least for this senior.  I just can’t lift my legs high enough, maybe its my two titanium hips.

Two car carriers in port yesterday.  Such massive vessels.

Some tuna boasts in for maintenance.

The dock on the Mazatlan side of the port at Playa Sur.

From here we were walking.  There has to be a better way to fill this hole!  Much later when we walked back only about 9 inches of orange was showing.

Interesting tree roots and not much space to grow.  Our first stop was to drop off my camera as it has a large dust spot on the CCD.  Colin believes that it might have become visible after I dropped the camera at the Grand Canyon.  It will be ready in a few days.

Lovely new road and sidewalks on both sides closer to Centro along Carnival.

First stop was a Panama bakery to get some croissants for a special meal.

Their cakes always look so good that you want to buy one.  We refrained.

Next stop was to the Micheal  Gallery on Angel Flores to get three new wine glasses.  I wanted a small cup but the new ones are huge, taller and heavier, virtually unbreakable.  I will have to restrict myself to only half glasses of wine or I will unknowingly be drinking too much vino.  Always so many  wonderful and unique things to see here.

Next stop was to get some plastic covers for our new tablecloths.   As the fabric store was right across from the Mercado Pino Suarez I went in to get some oranges for our orioles which we have not yet seen.

Of course Tony’s Burgers was just down the aisle.

Colin suggested we split a shrimp burger which was just enough.

We also shared a litre of fresh squeezed orange juice.  It took a lot of oranges and was refreshing at only 50 pesos/$3.25CAD/$2.45USD.

We were back shortly after 2PM, tired but happy we did that big walk.  I clocked in over 12,000 steps yesterday.  It was warmish as I had dressed for the cool weather but the sun and humidity came out.  Still better than rain.

The best part of the sunset happened behind us.  There were storm clouds in the distance with a rainbow running thru the middle of that pink cloud.  My camera was in the shop and I had no idea how to use the large camera so I missed getting a good shot.  Not sure if you can find the rainbow.  Despite not getting a great shot it was still special to see.

Audrey took this photo which it better.



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6 Responses to “Camera drop off and a walk into Centro”

  1. George Yates says:

    Always fun to head into Mazatlan looks like you had good time and a fun day there.

  2. Kathryn Tycho says:

    So easy to get so many things done and always interesting. Still using the same camera repair guy?

  3. I share everything except my food. I would never share a Tony’s shrimp burger unless I got half of Juan’s burger 🙂

    Looks like you’re in your environment!

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