Nov 26, 2018

It was a patio day

They started at 7 AM Sunday to put in a new patio for Dave.  The materials had been delivered Saturday afternoon.

A family affair.  Rene in the white shirt and two of his threes sons, the wee guy in the blue shirt and the fellow in the hat who mostly manned the cement mixer.  This was a high end install.  Usually they only mix the cement on the road.  Note how they protected the RV with plastic garbage bags.

At the crucial stage two workers were brought in.

It looks wonderful.  Dave will be happy once he gets back from the US next month.

Meanwhile we got to work organizing our pots and plants for both the front and back patios.

It was too hot working at the back so we moved things to the breezier area.  We now have 14 plants in pots.  I would prefer to have all Terra cotta but we do have to move the plants to the back when we leave and they will still be plenty heavy in plastic.  Half are still in Terra cotta pots and will be replaced as those deteriorate.  Hopefully my plants will survive next summer while we are away.

I am very happy with my four very large pots for vegetables. I planted one pot with kale and the other with Swiss chard.  Once these two are doing well I will plant the other two pots so that I have a constant supply of fresh greens.

Diane came home from golfing with a lovely arrangement of flowers for her patio.  Something about left over flowers from a wedding.

We then walked over to Cindy and Richards patio for a happy hour.

A new vantage point for my sunset photo.

Cotton candy clouds.


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  1. George Yates says:

    Nice to enjoy this patios day, and the patio look very nice there too.

  2. What a great job on the patio! The sun looks so good! It will be 6C tonight.

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