Nov 25, 2018

Getting things done

For some reason I never heard the plant truck arrive on Friday and no one told me it was here.  So Saturday we headed out into Mazatlan to find our favorite nursery and get some plants.  Over the past summer Colin got the GPS in the Jeep updated and we now are able to use it within Mazatlan as opposed to last year.  We actually know how to get to the nursery but we programed the Jeep GPS just in case.  For the fun of it I programed my iPhone.  They both led us to the same place but via a slightly different route.

I have no idea the reason why but the twining of the road from Estrella to the Airport road continues.  It’s not like there is a lot of traffic on that road.  Plus just last year they smoothed out the potholes, added guard rails as needed, etc. and the road is already in great shape.

We arrived at the vivero (nursery) with no problems as we knew where it was.  So many choices but really not a great as in previous years.  The hibiscus were leggy and had no buds.  Much inferior to past years.  However after much inspection of the plants we made our final selections.  Always nice to be greeted back year after year.   I was gifted a small plant this year.

We made a few more stops to find large pots.  What a creative way to keep your window from falling down.

We got lucky on our third stop.  We had decided on plastic as the price was right.  Why pay 250 plus pesos on a terra cotta pot when  for 91 pesos I could get a plastic pot  that worked just as well.  I made my decision based on the number of plastic pots here in the RV park.  All of the plants seem  to be doing very well.  Very scientific indeed 🙂

But which pot in particular?  We spent a great deal of time choosing and then scurrying over to the computer to check the price.  None of the prices on the shelf were correct.  We chose wisely and got our pots at 30% off.

We had also done a mini grocery shop and between that and the bag of soil and all of our plants plus 6 others for a friend and a few extra pots for other friends we had a full load.

A tight squeeze.

By the time we unloaded and put the groceries away we were tired.  Then we had unexpected visitors.  Lovely to see  Joyce and Ken and their son Chris and his wife but we didn’t have much energy left for chit chat.

Too tired to walk we just enjoyed the sunset from our site.  One of the last banana boats of the day.

Much later ( we eat late ) we were preparing dinner when Anne and Paul dropped in.  They had just returned from an excellent dinner at Topolo’s in Mazatlan.  We had a lovely visit.  Sadly they were leaving in the morning for La Penita RV Park in la Peñita de Jaltemba which is next to Rincon de Guayabitos.  I kept meaning to remind Anne about the 12 foot snake which was at least eight inches thick that joined us during one of our water aerobic class back in our Acapulco days.  Talk about anxiety.  Our screams sent the snake slithering out of the pool along the steps pronto and the owner of the park instantly arrived with a bottle of Tequila and as many shots as required each to calm our nerves.  Hmm that might be the reason I am hesitant to go into the ocean.  We look forward to seeing Anne and Paul in March and again next November for three weeks.  Hopefully Ron and Kathleen will be here by then and we can really have a great reunion.  FYI…Kathleen,  I asked Jose to request a pool from David, for water aerobics but he said no, but he might consider a megaphone for Anne to use while we are in the ocean 🙄


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4 Responses to “Getting things done”

  1. George Yates says:

    Getting things taken care of and your gardens back in shape again.

  2. SandyM says:

    On the pot choice…..the terra cotta pots while beautiful and what I love are so much heavier then the plastic pots. If you will be moving pots around you made an excellent choice but if that pot could stay in place I would choose the terra cotta probably every time. Your garden in a few weeks will be beautiful. Looking forward to the pictures.

    • contessa says:

      I totally agree with you sandy re the terra cotta pots. However we do have to keep moving them around when we leave and when we return. I honestly don’t like the look of the plastic but once the plants start blooming I will be happier.

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