Nov 24, 2018

Another meet up with friends

It was a very high tide Friday morning when we saw Janet and Grant walk past.  Note how much of their feet and ankles are covered by the water.  I can’t walk in water like that.  They did stop by on their way home and we had a good visit.

Later we had Ismael come and clean out our flower bed.  All the plants died yet again.  After much discussion and thought we have decided to put our plants in macetas/pots.  The reason our plants have been dying year after year is mostly due to the roots of the palm tree strangling the plant roots.  The salt air also is a deterrent.

I also got rid of these Aloe vera plants.  I was getting tired of looking at that white wall plus I have two other patches of Aloe vera elsewhere in my gardens.

One of last years hibiscus plants roots strangled by the palm tree roots.

Pierre and Diane about to sail off in their new catamaran.

Mid afternoon we met Jenny and Brad at El Velero here on the Isla for a late lunch/early dinner.  They are long time blog readers who have recently sold their home in St Paul, Minnesota and have moved to Mazatlan.  Great decision you two.  They are loving it thus far.

I had the best ever shrimp/cheese quesadillas.  Lots of shrimp.

Jenny had the breaded shrimp which looked fab and she said they were very good.

We said adios at sunset.

I was surprised to see this dog with a sweater on.  It is not cold here.  An action shot as the dog would not stay still. ends another great day in paradise.



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  1. George Yates says:

    It is always fun to meet up with blog followers whenever we can.

  2. Perhaps the sweater was more of a fashion statement lol. Those shrimp are huge!

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