Nov 18, 2018

Sometimes I wonder how I get so much done in a day

Yesterday, Saturday morning, our second morning here on the Isla, I woke up confused.  Why could I hear the distant hum of traffic?  Where was I?  A few moments passed and I realized that now it was not traffic but the sound of the ocean.  Ah, peace.  But that peace was not going to last the day but it would eventually return.

Colin was still in bed when I slipped outside to take this photo  We have a new foal on the Isla.  Happens every year 🙂

Always time to stop for a chat with a neighbor.

We did get out for our first beach walk of the season.  There was a lot of debris on the beach after Hurricane Willa.  As it turns out, only part of the beach has been cleaned up, the tourist areas.  The further we walked the more mess we saw.  It will take a long time for high tides to clear this up.

Then it was time for more to do’s.  I am putting together some solar lights.

Twenty two of them.  Turns out I had purchased a bunch and forgot that and then bought some more!

Just I as we were having lunch ( at 3PM ), two fellows dropped in.  It was Dr. Terry, our US chiropractor here in Mazatlan.  He does some work out of his home here a few days per week.  He never got to Mazatlan last season so it was nice to see him.  His friend was Mike, whom we had met at a Carnival party earlier this year at the home of mutual friends.   After they left I went back in to heat up the second half of our lunch when we heard a hola from behind us.  It was Eric, the RV tech.  He was here to install our new rooftop  air conditioner units.  Like right now 8-O.  Only problem was that we here heading out to dinner with a group from the RV park for dinner in Mazatlan at 5PM.  We didn’t say a thing and did all we could to help.  Eric is beyond busy and we were lucky that he fit us in right away.  He is mostly doing emergency repairs at the moment.  We have a long list that we sent him many months ago but this was a priority.

So great to get these huge boxes out of our bedroom. It has been a long seven weeks living with them.

Some discussion as to how they were going to get those hundred pound plus units on the roof.

Colin showing how big they are.

First you have to disconnect the electronics before the old AC roof unit can be removed.

Coming down.

Colin was so very concerned about the old unit not hitting the side of the RV.

One down.

Eric has a strap over his shoulder with a clip that latched onto the AC unit.  He was thrown off a horse this past summer and landed ten feet in front of the horse on his back.  Cracked ribs and pain, still to this day.  He said that as long as he kept his back straight he could manage to lift the hundred pound weight.

Not an easy feat.  Gustavo has this huge grimace on his face as he helps pull it up.

And it is up.  Colin could not watch.

Two down and two up.  He had to drill out some bolts on both units as they were frozen into place.

Meanwhile, my dear blog reader Anne, who just happened to show up here last winter is back.  Nice to reconnect but the timing was bad.  We had a very short visit but she is just down the road at Rae’s old place so we will see her often.

Working on the front AC during that fabulous sunset I posted about yesterday.

Eric was going to do a few other things for us but someone from RV2 came by with a water related emergency.  So once Eric got the second AC unit installed he left.  We will see him when we see him.  Hopefully we will be here when he shows up 😉  So he was here 2 hours and 15 minutes and charged us 1300 pesos for the install labor.   Yes that means only $85.00 CAD or $65.00USD.  I purchased the AC units on Amazon at this link for only $726.00US each.  A real bargain between the price and the install.  Likely we saved close to $3000.00 CAD.  Almost worth the risk of getting them into Mexico.

Meanwhile the group from RV1 had left the Isla and were heading over to Macaws for dinner.  I made a call to let them know that we would be able to join them after all.  We got there about thirty minutes after they did.  They had ordered and we were not far behind.  The food was great and there was live music.  We ended up dancing quite a bit much to our surprise.  So much fun. We haven’t danced since we were last here in Mazatlan.

Colin danced with Diane as well.  The group was ready to move on to the Plazuela Machado for dessert but we were not ready to leave.  We said we would meet them there.

Then we bumped into Carol and Bill  sitting at the bar, who used to RV here at Tres Amigos on the Isla way before us and this is our tenth winter here.  We have also seen them in an RV park where they worked back in BC.  They now live here in Mazatlan and run the ‘Mazatlan Animal Rescue’.  We spent a good deal of time catching up and throwing in a few dances here and there.

Sadly we realized that we had to say adios to Carol and Bill and move on to find our fellow RVers, which we did.  Turns out that they were still waiting for a table for coffee and dessert.  We did a tour around the plazuela and found that they now had a table.  We really did not want to stay and then Pierre and Diane wanted to leave as well so we did.  We got back and I did that brief post last night.  It had been a long and very very full day with visits from friends and Eric & the AC install, then a great meal and some dancing.  Overall it was a full and fun day.  Amazing that we have only been here three full days.

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  1. ARIZONA GAL says:


  2. George Yates says:

    Nice that you have those new ac’s out of you bedroom and on the roof where they belong and that you are having more fun times on the Isla.

  3. Carol says:

    did you notice if the old BeachBurger now Machado Grill is still there? Glad you had a productive and fun day

    • contessa says:

      Funny you should ask as I was going to email you about it. We saw no signs on the door but there were tables in the area but I wasn’t sure whether they belonged to La Bohemia or El Bife. Colin thinks they belonged to La Bohemia. Is sure was busy Saturday night, the place was full of people.

  4. Friends – and AC – it looks like you are starting the season off on the right foot!

  5. Definitely can’t say that you are bored between repairs, setting up and getting together with Friends.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

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