Nov 11, 2018

A fun Saturday

Yesterday we woke up to a perfect day.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the lake was calm. There was no wind at all.   It was going to be a good day.

First off we had Matt, a fellow who lives here in Lake Havasu, come to the RV to repair yet another chip in the RV windshield.  This time it was in my line of vision.  We got it on the way down when someone who was passing us cut in to close to the RV and sent up some road gravel.  We have been using Matt for a several years now and he does a great job for $50.00.  Once he did two chip repairs for $60.00.  I can’t see where he did the repair yesterday.  Great job.  You can reach him at 928 453 8772.

Nice to have some down time and to sit and enjoy the view and to read my book a bit. We went for a walk around noon to check out the Desert Hawks R/C Club, located here in Lake Havasu. They were having a three day weekend of flying, featuring float planes. Sadly they were shut done by wind both on Friday and again on Sunday.

Some of the planes were rather large.

Others smaller.

It really was a perfect day for this event.  This group had a large selection of planes.

This was one of my favorites but it did not fly while we were there.

Intensely watching their planes as they played with the controls.  Only six were allowed to fly at the same time and they flew in a counterclockwise direction.

Meanwhile I caught a shot of the ferry that goes from Lake Havasu to the casino across the lake on the California side.  Here it is coming back, going up the channel to dock.  I hear that they have a nice restaurant there.  Likely a good deal for $2.00 round trip.

About to take off.

This fellow owns a hobby shop in Seattle.

He put on quite the show.  Obviously he was the best flyer that we saw, doing flips, loops,  dives, spins, flying upside down and backwards.  It was like watching an airshow.

Not everyone had a good day.

After a light snack we loaded the car as we were heading over to visit my longtime friend who lives here in Lake Havasu during the winter months.  You might recall that I met up with her this past July while I was in Edmonton which is much too cold for her to be in the winter.  While we were here Colin was going to do a few chores for Libby.

Libby now flies back and forth between Lake Havasu and Edmonton, instead of driving as she had done for many years.  The nearest airport is in Las Vegas.   She had a friend pick her up in her own van a few weeks ago.  The fellow is 6’4″ and pushed the drivers seat all the way back for leg room.  Sadly he must have pushed it too far and it won’t come forward which makes it extremely difficult for her to drive as she is too far away from the steering wheel and her controls.  Colin tried everything he could think of and in this photo he is pulling he seat forward while Libby is pushing with her wheelchair but no go.  It appears to be stuck in that extended position.  She will  have to find a mechanic to look at it.

Next was moving this bookcase out to the curb for someone to pick up for free.  What is amazing is that she got the tall thing out of the guest room and moved it to the garage on her own.  She is wheelchair bound and has limited movement.  Crazy lady.

One of the last things was replacing hinges on a kitchen cabinet.  Colin is holding the cabinet up with his foot.  Libby had placed a can of stew under the door to hold it into place.  Clever!

Meanwhile I was on sunset patrol.

Colin took this one as I was inside checking on the dinner that I had brought which was almost ready.

But first I had some time to play with her real slot machine that had come from a casino many years ago.   I did eventually tire of feeding it quarters.  Good thing I was playing with Libby’s money.

Dinner was Caesar salad and a fish chowder that I made earlier in the morning and had been slow cooking in the crockpot for about 7.5 hours.  It was delicious and there was lots left over for Libby to enjoy in the week to come.  We also left her the rest of the pumpkin pie and vanilla ice cream we had brought.

It was so nice to see her again.  But it is always difficult to say goodbye.  Fortunately we will be able to see her again in March as we head North.  Meanwhile I need to come up with a way to get that slot machine back to Edmonton for her 😉



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8 Responses to “A fun Saturday”

  1. Dee Tillotson says:

    If you are serious about getting the slot machine across the Canadian border for her, there must be an antique or memorabilia shop around there who would appraise it as an antique and put the word “antique” on the appraisal form. The machine does look like the “one-arm bandits” seen in the casinos in the 1950s. If it passes as an antique, you will get it through because it will not be considered for public use.

  2. George Yates says:

    Nice that you git to visit with Libby and help her out with a few things while there. Keep enjoying the weather there and moving slowly on down the road again.

  3. SandyM says:

    What good friends you and Colin are to Libby – she is sure to appreciate and love you both. It never hurts to help someone out and you sure do your fair share of it. Thank you – this is the way our old world should work.

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