Nov 06, 2018

Catching up

We spent Sunday and Monday finishing up on some chores and just relaxing.  We did not change our clocks back Saturday night.  We were only here a few more days and were already on Arizona and Mazatlan time so why bother for two days?

While I did yet another three loads of laundry Colin painted the final coat on the door latch.  I only have two more loads to do the end of this week and then I won’t have to do laundry again until I get home in April 😎 He also painted some parts of the hitch black and checked and topped up our RV batteries.

I did manage to get my runners looking almost new again.  It certainly was a good thing that I got them stretched three times before we left.  I can’t wear them more than three hours without a break but at least I am wearing closed toes shoes which have enabled me to do things I would otherwise have been unable to do.

Colin tried at my insistence to do a lens restore.  Others like George do it all the time.  This is the before.

Sadly the after does not look any different.  He thinks that needs to get a coarser sand paper or ???  He will have to do some further research.

I also spent some time on the phone sorting out our next reservation.  Long story short, I lost the paperwork ( later found in the Grand Canyon papers ) and had to call to check on our reservation.  They did not have us on the list but finally found the one site for us.  Later when I did find my papers, I was horrified to see that I had the wrong RV park 😳  So I called the first one, explained, thanked then and cancelled.  Meanwhile the original park is no longer with Passport America but will honor my 50% off rate for the three days we will be there 😀  Phew!

We had Eric install a fridge fan for us last winter.  It worked great but the last week I have had a large build of ice over and over.  The fan had died.  We don’t think it was an RV fan but perhaps a computer fan.

I finally tracked down a 12V fan that would fit the area.  Before ordering it online I checked out some local RV supply stores and found one that had the fan in stock.  Colin went out to get it and figured out how to install the fan but stopped as he did not want to drill into an area that clearly said to not put anything thru the membrane in that area.  We will let Eric deal with it in a few weeks.  Best to be safe adn not have to buy a new fridge.

Does anyone have an idea what might have caused the paint to go like this?

Because of the windows we think it is a newer model 5th wheel.  They winter in Mesa.  Sandstorm??

Sunday we were blessed with of of the best sunsets we have ever seen.



This 5th wheel has an unusual side patio.

Now that is a toy hauler.  The RV/truck is beside it.





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7 Responses to “Catching up”

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    We also didn’t turn our clocks back in Palm Desert because, like you, we were only there for a few more days and then heading into Arizona. Nice sunset!

  2. George Yates says:

    That is a computer fan the same as I installed in our fridge a few years agin. I hav used th

  3. George Yates says:

    Opps it posted by mistake. I have used the headlight lens cleaning kits from Walmart works great and pretty quick, about 10 bucks. That paint is the clear coat beginning to peel I have seen vehicles a complete mess from that new paint job is on order maybe a good paint shop can repair it.

    • Contessa says:

      Just to be clear that the photos of the RV with the paint going funny is not our RV but one next to us in Vegas. It is a nice looking 5th wheel but the paint looks very bad.

      I think that the computer fan did not last too long as it quickly became corroded from all of the salt air. Hopefully the new one will last longer.

      Not sure why the lens restore did not work. The one we used was from O’Reilly Auto Parts and was around $25.00. I think it was by Meguiar’s.

  4. Don & Kathy McKelvay says:

    Great job on the shoes – what did you use to clean them?

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