Nov 01, 2018

A change of pace

After arriving in Las Vegas this past Sunday afternoon we decided to spend Monday and Tuesday preparing for our trip to Mexico.  We awoke Monday morning to inside temps of 62F while outside it was already 66F.  The day would warm up quickly.

The forecast for the week ahead looks great.  It really did warm up on Monday and was a wonderful day. Except we spent most of the day indoors shopping.

Saw this large RV unit pulling an equally large trailer.  Looks like they were about to garage their KIA car.  He was tightening up the restraints on his ATV.  Both the RV and the trailer had a lot of shiny chrome all around.

We started at Walmart where I purchased a quantity of canned goods for soups, stews, etc that you can’t get in Mexico, as well as other food items that are cheaper in the US than in Canada.  For instance I got canned coconut milk for $1.00 per can whereas in Canada it would be closer to $3.50 per can.  I think we were there just over two hours.  Next stop was Trader Joe’s, one of my favorite stores.  I picked up three cases of wine and other food items.  The Jeep was full by the time it was loaded.  It took us a while to unload it all, not to mention put it all away.  Colin worked outside while I was inside.  I am always amazed at how much this RV can absorb.

Tuesday was yet another shopping day but first we just eased into the day.  I with the computer and answering emails and replying to blog comments.  Colin relaxed with his guitar. Then I reviewed the shopping lists, started long ago back in Canada and we were off.  First stop was Autozone where thanks to a reply email from Eric, we learned that we need a 2001 Dodge Caravan gas cap for the RV.  Done for $6.00 US.  Next stop was Home Depot.  We had a long list and we where there over an hour.  Home Depot is so large that you spend a lot of time looking for things.   I am a great believer of just asking for help.  However there was not always someone around to help us.  Eventually we were able to cross everything off the list including special soil for my flower beds and two bags of soil for my veggie pots.  Yes you can get soil at Home Depot in Mazatlan, but here at a fraction of the cost and with more selection,  plus the fact that we have space in the Jeep, why not?

Now this is where we went astray.  Our GPS led us to a Costco Business which is not what we wanted.   From there we  were given the option of two Costco’s.  Not knowing which was the closest to the RV Park, we picked the wrong one.  No matter, it was in the wrong direction but we got there and were able to purchase all that we needed.  That included three cases of a lovely Sauvignon Blanc @ $4.87 each.  The Costco in Albuquerque had run out and we got their last 18 bottles.  I now had all the wine I needed to bring into Mexico.   It was a rush to get home and unload and put it all away.

We were on a mission.  No, not to visit the strip but we were close.  Why is the Statue of Liberty wearing a sports jersey with a ‘V ” on it?

Stopped at a light next to the MGM Grand.

We never had time to see the movie Crazy Rich Asians before we left Canada and Tuesday night was it’s second last night, so we were off to the Orleans Casino where the 18plex movie theater was located.  Despite leaving early, with all of the Vegas traffic, we just barely made it.  Unknown to us there was 20 minutes of previews  before the movie and we were only a minute late in missing the previews.  Long line to pay for the popcorn 🙄  It was Tuesday which meant only a $5.50 each ticket price which is a great deal as regular prices are $11.00 with a price of $8.00 for seniors.

After the movie!  Yes we got to enjoy the movie in these wonderful recliners.  This was only our second movie in ten years, but I am forever spoiled for these luxury seats.  I splurged and  got the biggest bucket of popcorn which I could not finish but it was my main meal of the day so I did not feel bad at the amount that I did eat.  I must confess that my water bottle became a wine bottle for the movie.  Is there any another way to watch a movie?

It was kinda of neat that we were in a casino in order to watch a movie.

So we took advantage of the situation, especially when we found our favorite machine, a Double Diamond Deluxe.  The first $10.00 was fun and then I put in another $5.00 and that went quickly.

Twas time to head home and to bed.  A fun end to a long two days of shopping.





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14 Responses to “A change of pace”

  1. bonkers says:

    The V is for the Vegas Knights hockey team.

    if you’re still in the area and need liquor, Total Wine and More in Henderson has great prices. It’s on Stephanie nr Sunset.

    And the theatre at Sunset Station Casino has reclining seats. With a players card movies are $4 on Wednesday if youre over 50.

  2. Dee Tillotson says:

    $4.95 for a “good” bottle of wine, unbelievable!! At $6.00 for a gas cap, I would have gotten two; yes, I lose them many times; I just get in a hurry maybe.

    • contessa says:

      I buy a bottle of this and that and then taste them. Many wines get rejected but there are a few good ones for around $5- $8 per bottle.

  3. George Yates says:

    Nice to get things ready to head out across the border for the winter. And a nice afternoon movie with popcorn and wine sounds very relaxing.

  4. Sally says:

    Next time or maybe on the way home, do your shopping online at Walmart. Get your list all ready and then when you are in Northern US stop in town with a big WalMart and send it in to that store location. Then drive up and pick up your order when it’s ready. They don’t charge for this service. My daughter does it weekly. Very smart of Walmart to offer this service. Busy working moms really use this option.

    • contessa says:

      I have heard about the shop online and pick up thing. Great idea for Moms as you say and those too busy to shop. I don’t mind going into the store plus I need to read labels often to check on ingredients. For instance there were three different types of canned coconut milk but they were all the same ingredients so I chose the cheapest one. However if one knows the exact product you want it is a great idea.

  5. Glad you were able to do all your shopping. Our Landmark theatre here in Courtenay just removed all their old seats and installed those recliners – likely your Kelowna theatre is getting the same treatment. They have less seats per theatre and raised the price by $1 here but I think it is worth it. If you prebook online you can actually reserve your seats too!

    • contessa says:

      If you book on line here there is a $1.50 service fee. Have to say I loved those recliners, so comfy, complete with back support.

  6. Peter says:

    A basement full of wine and a pantry full of food! Time to head to the beach… That is watching a movie in style, thanks for the “water bottle” tip!

  7. Dolores says:

    I liked Crazy Rich Asians… Fun. And aren’t those seats AMAZING!! We don’t have them in Central Oregon ? BUT the did when I was in Iowa!!!! It is SO fun and relaxing to watch a movie that way!!!
    Boy… U guys are ALWAYS busy!!

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