Oct 15, 2018

Friday, Oct. 12 ~ Day 7 of the Balloon Fest

Friday, we awoke to the sound of generators, which are allowed to run from 5AM to 10PM.  They really need a section for those of us who do not need to use a generator.  Sadly I realized that we did not need to rush and head out to the field.  It was time to say adios to the balloons.  As I looked out the window at 6:20AM, I saw the Dawn Patrol fly overhead.  So today was a fly day.  As we did our individual chores to prep the RV to hit the road, we kept sneaking a look up into the sky.  Some balloons were heading the wrong way towards the freeway, others were coming directly over the RV park at a low altitude and then some balloons were actually landing in the park!

I actually saw this para glider descend onto the field from the RV.  I took this one.

Colin took this shot plus those that follow until otherwise indicated.

He was on the roof of the RV.

So we were not at the field this morning but the balloons came to us.

A different perspective.

There is ” Fish ” a balloon from Brazil with a local crew whom I had been speaking with Thursday evening.  I had a heck of a time getting Colin off the roof.

The next five photo are by me. Colin was still on the roof when I went inside to start the RV engine. As I was sitting there this balloon flew over and the pilot waived at me.  I waived back but by the time I reached over for my camera he was moving on.  This shows how low he was.

So many balloons, so very close.

And closer yet.  These balloons are actually landing in the RV park.

What a sight to see the balloons land with their chase crews ripping though the RV Park.  It was a great way for us to say goodbye to the Balloon Fiesta.  From here we moved on to the next adventure.  All will be revealed in the next post.

***As you can see my format is slightly different.  No idea why it has changed but I am going with it for the time being.  I have no time to deal with this but what you see still works!  I have also lost all my emoji’s.

I have had some comments and emails regarding attending the Balloon Fiesta.  The best thing to do is to go onto the website and read all the details.  The RV info is here.  There are various types of RV sites ranging from $250.00 per nite to $40.00 per nite in the cheap seats where we were.  However there are free shuttles that run back and forth to the field for all of the events.  There are tank pump outs available as well as fresh water tank fills for $25.00 each.  If you want to stay in any of the sites with any type of hook up, tickets go on sale for 2019 this October 23rd at 9AM MDT.  Usually they are sold out within a day.  For the first time ever this year the entire South lot was sold out, approximately 2000 RV’s.  I got my tickets last November and when I tried this past August to add a few nights I was unable to.  Tickets to the events are $10.00 each, so if you go in the morning and again in the evening that is $20.00 per day.  However any Costco in Albuquerque sells tickets @ 4 for $27.00.  If you are an American you can order these tickets online thru Costco.  Fortunately I had a good friend who was able to do this for me, we got 16 tickets.  Tickets go on sale the end of September or you can just get them at the event itself.  If you have more specific questions please make a comment and then I can answer so others can see the Q & A.   Total cost to attend depends on how long you want to stay.  Please be aware that on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday there in only a morning event.  Fireworks are after each evening event.  In our case 3 of the 5 evening events were cancelled so we missed out.  If we were to go again, which we will but not for a few years, I think that we would still arrive a day early in order to get parked in better location and stay for the entire fiesta.

One more thing, there are many volunteer positions that you could apply for.  That means that for so many volunteer hours per week you get free parking and a really nice heavy jacket with balloons on the back.  Somewhere on the website is a link for volunteering.   There are many positions available  from parking RV’s to chalking parking lines to driving a golf cart shuttles, etc.  Perhaps Marie, Herb or Cheryl could send me the link or put it into the comment section.

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10 Responses to “Friday, Oct. 12 ~ Day 7 of the Balloon Fest”

  1. George Yates says:

    You had a wonderful time there and have enjoyed all your pictures, thanks for sharing.

  2. rocmoc says:

    Had a great time with you at the Fest. Instead of taking the RV we would get a room at the Sandia Casino and Resort or a space in their RV Resort. Sandia Resort shuttles take you to the front gate on an even better route than the event RV shuttles. They take the same closed street route used by the Park & Ride shuttles the event provided. Would not stay in the RV section again because of the Gen Fumes and Noise. BUT we clicked off a bucket list item and enjoy time spent with you!!!!
    Michael & Rochelle

    • contessa says:

      We enjoyed seeing you both again. The Sandia Casino sounds interesting but I would miss having those balloons overhead.

  3. Joyce F in Kansas says:

    Enjoyed all your posts from the balloon fest! I have a pen pal who lives in Albuquerque and she always talks about it though she views from afar. First time I’ve seen pictures of so many of the balloons. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Davy Boggs says:

    Thank you for all of the pictures. Amazing! Thank you for the parking information too. Travel safe and get some where warm!


    • contessa says:

      You are most welcome. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. Yes, we do want to be somewhere warmer but to just leave the US and head to Mexico would be a mistake as it would be too hot there right now.

  5. SandyM says:

    Loved the photos, love the Balloon Fiesta and love you both for taking so much of your time to share all of it with all of us. What a great event.

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