Oct 11, 2018

Monday, Oct. 8 ~ Day 3 of the Balloon Fest

We had decided to stay home Monday and not head into the field.  We slept in until about 7:30AM.

It was a windy night and still at 7:30AM a yellow flag.  The balloons normally launch at 7AM.

Shortly after 8AM we looked out the window and we had balloons all around us.  The winds were bringing them towards us plus some balloons had launched away from the field and were heading towards the official field.  We later discovered that a few had landed in the grass area in the middle of the RV’s plus a few had landed among the RV’s ( one in your area Micheal ).

Even Airabelle was up. Her balloon weighs 910 lbs and she needs a lot of wind to fly and in the correct direction as well.  She needs a lot of space to land.

It was fascinating to watch them overhead.

Good call to say home as there were more balloons above us than at the launch field.

Monday was our day to do some local site seeing.  We headed out toward Hwy 14, where just before Tijeras ( which is the beginning of the scenic Turquoise Trail ) we were treated to some music along 1,300ft of Route 66.  Simply by obeying the speed limit, specifically placed rumble strips play “America the Beautiful”.  What fun!

So many neat little towns as well as a few detours long the Turquoise Trail.  I on the spur of the moment ( wrong decision ) wanted to drive up the Sandia Crest. The summit of Sandia Mountain is 10,678′ and you get there by driving 14 miles of very very twisty roads with hairpin turn after hairpin turn.  20MPH is standard.  It took just over 90 minutes out of our day ( return ) and all we saw at the top along with snow was a thick fog with no view at all.  Rather than wear out our brakes Colin had to keep downshifting with each turn.  Next time we will take the Sandia Peak Tramway to the top.  Sandy commented that she and Rex had done it and enjoyed a spectacular sunset at the top.  Timing is everything.

Beautiful views along the way and several neat little towns to visit.

The Sandia Crest drive gave Colin an appetite and so we stopped in Madrid for a late breakfast/early lunch.  We ate at the small cafe next to this very old home which is owner occupied.

Maggie’s Diner from the Wild Hogs movie set.

Some neat doors in Cerrillos.

Our first thought in reaching Santa Fe was how huge the city was but then it is the capitol of New Mexico.  The historic section of Santa Fe was more manageable but a chaos of vehicles and tourists.  Parking was a flat rate of $15.00 whether for an hour or all day.  This is the famous Loretto Chapel.

An amazing feat of construction.  This was taken by me as were all of the photos in this post.

Please take a moment to click here and read about this miraculous staircase, taken from the official website.  If you Google the Loretto Chapel there are many links discussing how impossible it was and still is to build such a staircase without a center support not to mention that it is a double spiral.  To this day architects and mathematicians have no idea how this could have been built.  It is impossible to replicate.  No one knows where this type of wood came from and how could a carpenter build such a piece of art with no tools.

This was our favorite stop in Santa Fe.  I am fascinated by this staircase.

The Palace of Governors.

We also checked out a few shops.  Loved these lights.

A beautiful piece of art but at $45,000.00USD, no gracias.

San Miguel Church, the oldest church structure in the USA.  The original adobe wall and alter were built by Tlaxcalan Indians from Mexico under the direction of Franciscan Padres, ca.1610.

Our last stop before heading back to Albuquerque was to visit the Oldest House.

Extremely tiny inside the two room home.

Another long day.  I have cut out a lot of photos in order to make this just one post.  New Mexico is a fascinating place and we have only touched a small corner.




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4 Responses to “Monday, Oct. 8 ~ Day 3 of the Balloon Fest”

  1. George Yates says:

    We have a membership park near Tijeras and have travelled that singing road a few times over the years. The Turquoise highway is very interesting and Santa fe as well. We took the Tramway to the ski resort at the top and it has some really amazing views. Old town Albequerque is also a nice visit as well.
    Keep enjoying your time there while you are in the area.
    If you head south Elephant Butte state park is a nice place to relax and very reasonable as are all New Mexico State parks., and check out Truth or Consequences while there.

  2. SandyM says:

    What good memories you have brought back for us – so many of the same place we have visited several times. The staircase in Loretto Chapel is exceptional to see. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful pictures – it has been great. SandyM

  3. Looks like that old house next to the restaurant has a new roof!

  4. Dolores says:

    That looks like Chuily glass! Wild n beautiful, as is all the pictures, churches n houses.

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