Oct 10, 2018

Taking some time off

We have been going non stop since we left home September 27th.  Between the balloon events we are editing and posting.  Yesterday late morning, we took off for a day tour.  Today after the morning balloon event ( so very different again ) we were out doing things like laundry and groceries.  We have had no personal down time.  I am taking a day off from posting about the ballonfest, which means that you will now be three days behind the photos of the balloon fiesta.

A few days ago as we returned from grocery shopping, a lovely lady approached us and asked if I was Contessa.  It was Marie, a blog reader from New Orleans, recently relocated to Mission, Texas.  She has the loveliest accent 😎  She had read on my blog that we were here and had spent considerable effort to locate us among the 1200-1600 RV’s parked here.  So we set up a happy hour meet up for yesterday, Tuesday the 9th.  Marie’s husband, Craig is a volunteer here at the fiesta.  She also used to write a blog.  Marie has been following me for several years now.  So much fun to connect in person.

Meanwhile we had met up with Herb who along with his wife Kathy also volunteer here.  They had mentioned that they might drop by one afternoon.  By the way be sure to check out Herb’s blog, they are fulltimers.  Click here for their blog.

So Craig ( Marie’s husband, on the left ) and Marie ( in the yellow jacket ) arrived for happy hour at 4PM.  Shortly thereafter our new neighbor  ( we had people on either side of us leave as well as those in front and behind ) in the Airstream dropped in for a wee chat. After he left,  Kathy ( in the purple jacket ) and Herb dropped by.  It was a chilly day and kept getting cooler.  Both Marie and Kathy ended up with fleece blankets on their legs.  I really should have moved us all inside.

Marie and I.  We chatted for over three hours. She is such a sweet lady.  They are coming to Canada next June and we hope to meet up, but we will be in Europe until June 21st so it might not work out but we can hope.

Eventually Kathy and Herb had to leave, it was dinner time and I think they might have been somewhat chilled.

It was so cold that I was back to three upper layers and gloves.  But I was still talking.

It was difficult to say adios to Marie as we were so very close in all that we had discussed.

Just as I had posted a few days ago…!  Marie will be a special forever friend.  By the way Marie, it was a Pinot Grigio that I was pouring for you and Craig.  Colin and Craig also had great conversations.

It is always immensely special to meet a blog reader and even more so to meet someone so memorable here at the Balloon Fiesta.  We were fortunate to meet Herb and Kathy as well, exceptional people.  Who knows what the future will hold for us all.

Back to the Balloon Fiesta next post.



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8 Responses to “Taking some time off”

  1. George Yates says:

    Some down time is always needed, and appreciated And it is always fun to meet blog followers wherever we go. And enjoy a nice happy hour together.

  2. Jeanette Valencia says:

    I was you neighbor This last weekend the ones that know how to eat ,
    Was look @ your picture and loved them ?? May the lord be with you both as you go on your next Journey be safe on the road I’ll be looking for more of your photos .

    • Contessa says:

      Of course I remember you and your lovely family. Yes you did eat so very well, wonderful Mexican foods. Thank you so very much for the gift of your hand created cross with the special flower. It will hang in our RV forever as a special memento of our time here at the Balloon Fiesta and most important of all is us meeting you.

  3. Dee Tillotson says:

    Such a wonderful trip to the balloon fiesta; With his photos, Colin made us feel as if Beach and I were actually there. I believe you said that you had to start planning for the fiesta a year in advance. Since we have been tied to the house this year with knee replacement surgeries for Beach, I want to plan something big for next year; this fiesta would fit the bill as “big.” Don’t think Walt Disney (if he were alive) could have surpassed it. If it takes a year, I better get cracking!

    P.S. Did you know that cool weather has given you rosy cheeks?

    • contessa says:

      Umm, wine also gives me rosy cheeks 🙂

      The most important part of getting here in your RV is booking your reservation. I can’t recall exactly but they do start to sell the tickets for RV’s about a day after this festival ends. There are 2 VIP ares that offer hookups and those go within hours. I booked ours in November but we are way back but with shuttles to the field. This is the first year that they sold out, about 2000 RV’s where we are. YOU can also volunteer and not have to pay. Go to the website and do some searching.

  4. SamdyM says:

    The picture of you above wearing gloves – wondering what you were measuring – perhaps the snow back home or describing a new wine glass you will be getting – whateve,r it is a great photo.???

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