Oct 06, 2018

We are at the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque

The last two days have been a rush of activity.  But we are here and settled into our spot for seven days.  Sadly the weather is not cooperating and as of an hour ago we might only have a go on one event tomorrow morning at 5:30AM and then nothing until Wednesday.  Both wind and rain are involved.  Fingers crossed.

Our site at the KOA Park was huge.  You could easily park two 40′ RV’s in it as well as two toads.

A very well run park. They have both one and two bedroom cabins for rent.  Each site as well as cabin comes with a patch of artificially turf.

We each did a number of to do’s on our list including Colin changing out our dining room light.

Some relaxation was involved.

A pretty neat sunset that we almost missed.

Now that it was dark I could get a photo of the new light.

This wine was called the Naked Grape and I got it at Safeway.  Hopefully you can make out the words on the back of this bottle.    If you can’t make them out let me know.

We got to bed early Wednesday night as Thursday was going to be busy and it was.  Fortunately the RV park offered propane starting at 7:30AM.  It did take a while for them to find the key and get us filled but they did get it done, seems we were the first customers of the day.  Is $2.95 per gallon a normal price in the US?  Seems on the high side to me.

We drove separately with me in the lead. My hands were clenching the steering wheel.  I don’t think I have ever driven on a US interstate.  The merging bit was a tad stressful.  Anyway once Colin got behind in the RV I felt protected.  But I had to slow down to 50 until he caught up to me.  I finally relaxed enough to take in the view and some balloons were right there.  I know, I should not have taken a photo ( one handed and not very good  ) but I just had to, my first balloons here in Albuquerque 🙂

Already at 8:20AM there was a line to get to the Fiesta.  Little did I know that around the next corner and the corner after that,the line was even longer!  Shortest drive ever at 11.3 miles.

It took us until 9:30 to be parked and settled.  When it was our turn they took us right to the back of the grounds 🙁   I asked why when there was so much space closer to the entrance area.  I figured that by checking in a day earlier that we would be closer to the front ( less walking distance to the field ).  If you booked in November why should we be way in the back just because they wanted to start filling in that area.  So I politely vocalized my thoughts and asked if we could be moved closer to the front.  The fellow parking us left us and went to check.  He came back, said follow me and we were led to a piece of dirt about six rows from the entrance 😉  We were now happy campers.  So we set up and headed out to do some shopping at Lowe’s, Costco and Trader Joe’s.  Friday is the big parking day ( major traffic and line ups ) and we do not plan to leave here until at least Monday afternoon after the busy first weekend ( even more traffic ).  Just before heading to Trader Joe’s we stopped for a late lunch/early dinner as we were both very hungry.   On the way back to the RV we dropped in to see blog readers whom are now friends and are also parked here in their RV ( it was amazing that we found them in the midst of hundreds of RV’s ).  We visited for a bit but had to get back to the RV to put things in the fridge and freezer.

Rochelle and Micheal came over on their bikes for happy hour and to catch up on the que pasa in all of our lives.  We haven’t actually seen them since they visited us on the Isla in December 2015.

The sunset Thursday evening.

And just behind the actual sunset was a glorious reflective sight.  I could not believe the color in the sky and mountains.

As it was getting dark quickly we said adios to our friends who still had to peddle home. We were not at all hungry for dinner so just had a wee snack.  We were tired,  had our showers and were in bed just before 10PM.  Good thing as we caught some unexpected balloon activity this morning.  Nope, no previews until the next post.


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10 Responses to “We are at the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque”

  1. ARIZONA GAL says:


  2. Dee Tillotson says:

    Was there enough room to park your car overnight and out of harm’s way? Just looks so tight between RVs.

  3. Cool lamp. What a great look!

  4. SandyM says:

    Contessa and Colin, check to see if they still have the school busses that take you from the campground to the launching field. They even pass through the parking area where you are and you can hop on several places. Saves a long walk especially in the afternoon or evening. The busses have a special lane so zip by all the cars trying to get to parking area. Great service. Enjoy every moment and hoping for good weather for you. Last time we were there – no cost for the bus and they even had a bus run to a nearby casino.

  5. Suzanne says:

    That’s a bit high for propane. I’ve been paying around $2.19 to $2.29. I like to buy my propane at Tractor Supply. They are almost always right off the freeway, and their propane fill station is typically within a gated area that has a front and back gate. Clear it with them before you drive in to be sure the back gate is not blocked, and then you can just drive on through. Very convenient, and I find they typically have the cheapest price. You might find some other useful items in the store as well.

  6. George Yates says:

    Now that you are there, hopefully the weather will settle down a but for you to enjoy it much more. We have another facebook friend somewhere there as well, enjoying the balloons.

  7. That is a great event I hope to attend someday too. Enjoy the view of the colourful balloons. Have a great Thanksgiving too and frame the table of the bottle of wine. Sounds good to me.

  8. David Broughton says:

    Contessa, where did you get your new dining room area light from? I have been looking for the same thing and can’t find one as nice as yours. Thanks.

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