Oct 05, 2018

Arches National Park, Day 2

So right after our scenic drive up and back down Hwy 128 we headed over to Aches National Park.  We arrived at 4:10PM and once again we did not have to pay an entrance fee.  Had it not been raining Monday morning we would have gladly payed the $30.00 entrance fee.  By now the clouds had cleared and there was more blue in the sky and we were going to head on back to the last 50% of the park that we had miss the previous day.

Heading into the park Colin had to stop and retake some shots as the light was different.  Back in the day of film he would still take hundreds and hundreds of photos.  Both times we went to India he had a huge camera case just for his film.  Digital is so much cheaper.  However Colin believes that the colors in film were so much richer.  Digital photos are viewed on a computer and each computer is set differently and the richness just is not the same as back in the day when you looked at a printed photo.

Such an interesting place with a fascinating history.  John Wolfe settled here in the late 1800’s until  1910.

We were able to see inside the very small single room cabin.  How could he live here with his son, daughter, her husband and two children?  I can’t imagine going by wagon over 25 miles to buy food and supplies in the heat of the summer nor the cold of the winter.  A true story of an American pioneer.

Very early petroglyphs in the area.

Delicate Arch. I did not do the three mile hike ( we did not have 3 hours to waste ) but I did do the next level down which included a lot of puffing and height. I climbed 20 stories high in a very short distance.  Honestly I could not have done it without Colin’s arm to hang onto so that I did not fall.  I am still so scared about falling yet again and spitting open my head.

I assume that it is called Delicate Arch as there is nothing around it, it stands alone.  This photo was taken from the same location but zoomed in.


Fiery Furnace.  Note the bird in the cloud.

We had only done 50% of the park  the day prior so to arrive here at Fiery Furnace as the sun was lowering in the sky was perfect timing.

This  location was one of our highlights.  We could easily spend a week in Moab.  Thanks to Al and others who have suggested different areas close to Moab to visit.  For certain we will be back.  But is early to mid October too late in the season to visit?

Can you tell that Colin quite liked this area?  It was difficult to pull him away.

Sand Dune Arch.  We hiked right up to the Arch and the changing light was fantastic.  We were running out of time before the sun went behind the mountains.  We needed more than two very late two afternoons we had  allotted to this park.   It obviously required much more time.

We finally got to the far end of Arches NP and the Devils Garden trail head.  Because the sun was setting and it would be dark in 35 minutes we could not check out Landscape Arch.  Serious incentive to come back.  Sadly it was time to turn back and do the thirty minute drive to the exit.

As we left a very dull sunset ( the sen set into a cloud bank ) turned itself around.

We kept driving and stopped here and there along the road. These sunset photos were all taken by me.

So ends our time in Moab.  Next up will be the balloon fest.

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10 Responses to “Arches National Park, Day 2”

  1. Rae says:

    I’m so pleased you got to see as much of Arches NP as you did!

    You will have to go back one day to see my favourite easily accessible arch, Landscape. 🙂

    But my favourite of all, Partition, requires a bit more work to get to (http://www.raecrothers.ca/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/IMGP3795.jpg)

    Can’t wait to read your report of the balloon festival. My RVing friend Andy Baird is the one who introduced me to it.

  2. George Yates says:

    Nice that you did get back, and see more of it , we did a few hikes and enjoyed some very interesting views when we were there. Love your sunset pictures .

  3. Ray Warner says:

    Arches Nation Park is my personal favorite of the Parks in Utah. It is easy to spend several days hiking and exploring.

  4. Jannose says:

    Beautiful pictures. Can’t wait to visit there this winter.

  5. What a beautiful park….interested to see your take on the balloon festival 🙂 Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  6. ARIZONA GAL says:


  7. Maxx Trails says:

    Great photo’s! I agree with Colin about computers all being different so colors are different 🙂 Looking forward to seeing pictures of the balloon festival.

  8. Kelly says:

    Fantastic, I’m so glad you went there.
    The pictures are just beautiful.

  9. Gail Todd says:

    Some day, camp at Fruita, and take a day trip with your Jeep down Highway 12 to Escalante. Beautiful drive, but not for your RV.

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