Oct 03, 2018

Update on the 5C’s and Mexico 15D

Our destination yesterday was Monument Valley and we had prebooked one of the few boondocking sites right at the View Campground.  The plan was to watch the sunset and sunrise over the Mittens.  However Mother Nature had different plans with a very rare Western Hurricane named Rosa.  We were able to contact the Rangers at Monument Valley and they told us not to come.  For one you could not see anything with the low cloud level and already before the real rains (they were expecting 14 hours of rain ) had even arrived the ground was mucky and we would likely sink and be stuck.  Plus they would not be allowing anyone to drive the loop until everything had dried out which would be days away.

Should we stay in Moab?  No as rain was the forecast.  Later I read that Moab also had flash flood warnings added.  The Four Corner area was one area to be hit the hardest and we had to drive near enough to that area in order to leave the storm rain band, so we quickly packed up which was amazing seeing as we had a full set up including satellite dish up.

Yes our ultimate destination was the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.  So I called the RV Park that we would be staying the night before moving to the festival grounds just outside of Albuquerque and they were full.  They suggested a nearby truck stop or a Walmart not too far away.  We would figure it out when we got there.  As we drove I called the park back and asked to please put us on a wait list for last night.

Fortunately the local rain had stopped and we were able to pack up without getting wet.  We were hooked up and driving by 10:45AM.  The rain started 15 minutes later.  It was sad missing all the beauty around us.  About 40 minutes later the driver windshield wiper stopped so we had to drive for a bit not being able to see clearly before Colin was able to pull over and do repairs.

With no expectation at all suddenly there was this huge arch at the side of the road.  Wilson Arch it was called, would have been great to stop and hike up to it.

The rain varied in intensity for most of the drive.  Here we are following a Fun Seeker X that looked just like Chris and Juan’s RV.

The camera focuses on the raindrops.

This what the sign said.  Sure wish we were driving in sunshine and blue sky conditions.

We got a bit of a break here for about 15 minutes.

I am certain that the view of those cloud shrouded mountains would be magnificent.

Obviously we are going to have to return to this part of Colorado.  Great price on diesel here from 3.07 to 3.21 per gallon but we were already full.

We crossed into New Mexico at 1:30PM and stopped for a quick lunch. We drove non stop except for the 30 minute lunch break and later a 15 minute fuel fill.  Got that diesel at 3.099 which was the same price we filled the Jeep up with the night before in Moab.

Interesting  views.

A wee rain break.

As we got closer to I25 ( we were on Hwy 550 ) the terrain changed.  Beautiful.  The rain started again just after I took this photo.

Love the color of the license plate.

Earlier in the afternoon I checked in with the RV  park and they had a spot for us for two nights, not the pull through I had booked for tonight but a spot.  It did not matter to us as to be in one spot for two nights would make our life easier in that we only had one night to set up and we would have all day today to prepare for the boondocking days ahead such as laundry, hair wash, dumping the tanks and filling the water tank to the brim.  We arrived at the KOA in Bernalillo at 6:30 pm in a light drizzle.  I checked us in while Colin unhooked the Jeep.  We were led to our site and as we backed in, the sky burst open.  Earlier yesterday when I was checking the weather there was not even a shower in the forecast for Albuquerque.  I guess the Rosa rain band shifted to the East or just expanded.  Thank goodness we were in one spot for two nights.  We set up,  I got dinner ready and it was 9PM by the time we ate.   Once dinner was over, I headed to bed without even taking a shower.  It had been a very long tiring day.

We drove 349.4 miles and it took us 8 hours including one 30 minute lunch break and a 15 minute fuel fill.  It rained 98% of the time and there were puddles of water on the roads and along the ditches.  Twice we saw mudslides to the edge of the highway.  Most of the arroyos had water in them.  Glad we made the decision to head South.

I still have one or two more Moab posts to complete and hope to get those done today so be sure to check in later.  The sun is starting to peak through and it has warmed up to 66F so I had best get some chores done.  For some reason I expected it to be nice and warm here at this time of year.


I have received an email from Catheline two days ago with the following:

The route

After taking the state road from El Fuerte to El Carrizo and 7 km before reaching the Carrizo, you must take a detour to the Ejido Revolución.

Then continue to the ejido Francisco Station and 100 meters before reaching the aforementioned ejido, take to the left and join the State highway that leads to the Chávez Talamantes ejido, which connects at the height of km 62 + 500 of the highway 1460 Los Mochis- Ciudad Obregón, section: Los Mochis- Don Station.

Sandy then sent me the following:
I found this this morning that was posted 18 hours ago.  I believe that all will be well by the time that you and I travel 15D.


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5 Responses to “Update on the 5C’s and Mexico 15D”

  1. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Superb news about 15D! Sorry you had to move on in a hurry, no fun driving in the rain. Loved the pink hills.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    I sure hope the weather clears up for the balloon festival. It was cool in the mornings last year but warm, shorts and t-shirt, during the day.

  3. George Yates says:

    Too bad about the rainy weather, not to warm there at this time of year with the high elevation. But actually warmer where the Ballon festival is held in a protected valley.

  4. Linda and Russell says:

    I just had a feeling you were headed to the balloon festival. Can’t wait to see Colin’s pictures!
    BTW I don’t know if you’ve ever stopped in El Fuerte but if you have time I suggest dinner at Hotel Posada del Hildalgo. They do a tribute to Zorro in the evening, there’s a museum and river a short stroll away. But the river lobster and black bass is to die for. I actually left a couple lobsters on my plate. So much to eat with lots of veggies. It could be shared. It was a little pricey if I recall, but so good we still think about it and hope to go back one day. We were on our way to copper canyon…another memorable trip.
    Hope the weather cooperates and you have a great time in NM.

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