Oct 01, 2018

New territory

The last two days have been new roads for us to explore.  In fact we will have a total of 31 days before we get to the Isla to enjoy new territory.   Our Saturday stay in the Perry, Utah Walmart was almost perfect.  The wind came up at sunset and increased in intensity and it was 82F in the RV even with all the windows open and the three fantastic fans running.  At one point during the night the motorhome was actually rocked by the wind.  It was 75F when we woke up but overcast.  Another good day to hit the road.

The morning was a rush of traffic along I15. I believe this is the Temple in Bountiful.  Best I could do rolling along at 60 mph.

Sadly this is the best I could get of Salt Lake City’s Temple Square.  Just can just see a bit of white with a steeple in front of the tall middle high rises.  At least I believe that to be Temple Square.  Yes I know that we should take the time to stop and enjoy but we do have a destination with a fixed date that we have to meet.

Did you know that Salt lake City is 30 miles long?  Here we are at the far South end of the city and this dust is blowing in from the West and the open fields/desert.

We were happy to leave all the rush ( thank goodness it was a Sunday morning and quieter ) of I15 behind us and head East on Hwy 6.  Such a peaceful looking valley.

Not a mile in and we saw this.

We saw several smoke plumes in these hills.  A tough area to be fighting a fire.

Highway 6 was most enjoyable to drive and the sun came out and despite some climbing we just sat back and appreciated the beauty of nature.

We stopped on I70 and topped up the RV with diesel as were weren’t sure where we would find another truck stop, we only took on 28.579 gallons @ 3.439.   It was long before we were on Hwy 191 heading down to Moab.

Yes some of you guessed Moab.  Well done.  Sandy, Kay, Joanne, Kathy and Steve made guesses of some of the places we will be stopping at but not the destination.  One person got it right.  Carol I never heard of the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, I will have to look into that.  But Moab is not the ultimate destination that we have to be at by a certain date, the reason for our long driving days with few stops along the way.

Our first view of Moab. Love the colors.

We checked into the ACT Campground just 2 miles past Centre Street which is a Passport America park,  you get one nite @ 50% off the $49.00 rate plus tax.  Two nights cost us $81.78, but I am told that this is a good price for a Moab RV Park with 30amp full hookups.  They do have 50amps but it costs more.  I got the last open spot when I booked early last August and I think they made a bit of a mistake.  It was not an easy place to park and I later noticed that they had written on my reservation form that we had a 30 foot Class C 😯  Once settled I checked the computer ( thanks to your comments about the coming weather re Hurricane Rosa ) and saw that tomorrow which is now today had a forecast of rain.

So we packed up the Jeep and headed directly to Arches National Park.  We arrived at 4:45PM.  More on the rest of yesterday in the next post.

Yesterday we drove 294.4 miles.


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16 Responses to “New territory”

  1. Carol says:

    it is 2:00 here in Vegas and the wind just hit us – sky is now covered in clouds. waiting for the rain
    Moab is one of our favorite places. Lots to do there besides the arches.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    Moab is on our bucket list as well. I look forward to seeing the pictures.

  3. Dolores Tanner says:

    Such a beautiful area!!! Stark, but beautiful! Just winder what the first thought when they came across everything in the area, the colors and formations….

    • contessa says:

      We actually had the same thought, whatever did the first people to this are think about what they were seeing.

  4. Looking forward to your pictures as we are hoping to get there someday.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  5. bonkers says:

    the storm is slowly making it’s way to LasVegas. It has been a mix of clouds and blue skies all day but since mid afternoon it is mostly clouds. And the winds pick up then disappear. Still 95F.
    Probably rain tonight, just as they predicted, and only 82F tomorrow. Brrrrr.

  6. George Yates says:

    You are making good time, love the Moab, so much to see and do there and the Arches is amazing, we spent almost 2 days there exploring, keep having fun.

  7. Ali Lemire says:

    Are you going to Albuquerque for balloon fest?

  8. SandyM says:

    Love the Red Rock – beyond awesome.

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