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Oct 15, 2018

Friday, Oct. 12 ~ Day 7 of the Balloon Fest

Friday, we awoke to the sound of generators, which are allowed to run from 5AM to 10PM.  They really need a section for those of us who do not need to use a generator.  Sadly I realized that we did not need to rush and head out to the field.  It was time to say […]


Oct 14, 2018

Thursday, Oct. 11 ~ Day 6 of the Balloon Fest

Fortunately Thursday was not as cold as Wednesday had been but still nippy at 42F.  More people had arrived and the shuttles were full.  We ended up taking one coming into the park but between us and others doing the same we were quickly full and after a half loop of the RV park we […]


Oct 13, 2018

Wednesday, Oct. 10 ~ Day 5 of the Balloon Fest

It was a downright chilly morning Wednesday morning at 38F/3.3C 🙁   As we walked down the road, the wind bit into my forehead and I instantly recalled having a scarf wrapped around my forehead as a child.  We had to wait a bit for a shuttle but while not toasty warm we were not […]


Oct 12, 2018

Tuesday, Oct. 9 ~ Day 4 of the Balloon Fest

It was windy all night with rain showers as late as 4:30AM.  We were on the field by 7AM and there was that yellow flag yet again.  We are not getting the full Balloon Fiesta experience but we are hanging in there.  There were not too many people on the field Tuesday morning.  We walked […]


Oct 11, 2018

Monday, Oct. 8 ~ Day 3 of the Balloon Fest

We had decided to stay home Monday and not head into the field.  We slept in until about 7:30AM. Please take a moment to click here and read about this miraculous staircase, taken from the official website.  If you Google the Loretto Chapel there are many links discussing how impossible it was and still is […]


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