Sep 19, 2018

More que pasa

Colin has been gone over 14 hours thus far and I have been at my desk for 12 hours plus.   Certainly not trying to win any prizes but I have to do what I have to do.  The last two jobs have gone very well weather wise.  Tomorrow is our last photo shoot before we leave and the forecast is 40% chance of showers in the morning and then clouds.  Fingers crossed.  Likely we may only be able to invoice for the actual photography and the photoshop etc next April.

Despite the cool temps, someone was out just before sunset last night in his wet suit.

Hmm my eyes are crossing as I type this.  Colin is inbound, about 35 minutes away.  Somehow in the last few days he has misplaced his gate ( to our park ) swipe pass.  We each have one from back in 2003 when we moved here.  Tonight he will have to summon security to the gate to let him in.  I had planned to go to the office earlier today to get a new one for him but I ended up spending over two hours on balancing the month to date ( and ran out of time ) and then forgot about it.  Human input error 😳   I plea simple exhaustion.  He can use mine tomorrow and I will get another.  When one is chained to ones desk, it is difficult to think of life three feet away 🙄

Yesterday I had to go out and get my new eyeglasses adjusted.  Don’t think I told you about those, too busy.  Well, you will see them eventually.  At the same time I did some banking and safe deposit box stuff.  I also decided on the spur of the moment to get $1000.00 USD cash.  Guess I should have waited until today and I would have saved $8.80CAD.  We like to travel with some cash.   Markets are up.  Oh well it is all a guessing game.

Today was a crazy day and Colin needed to hire an assistant for the last four hours of his shoot.  He couldn’t be front and back of the home at the same time, so he set it all up and needed this guy to push the camera button.  Of course as well as carry equipment, wet down the driveway, etc.

A quick snap of our sun setting tonight.

Ahh, Colin is home…..time to sign off and get dinner going,  now just after 9:25PM.  Hopefully Colin will be good with fresh tomato sandwiches.  Likely not, as he has been eating sandwiches all day.  Gosh I haven’t even had my bath yet….onto dinner 😯

Hasta manana 😎

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  1. George Yates says:

    Soon you will get things all wrapped up and get out of there, we sure don’t miss the hustle of working everyday.

  2. SandyM says:

    Lovely sunset photo. Enjoy the fresh tomato sandwiches while you can as that too shall pass. Soon, very soon, you will start a wonderful trip.

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