Sep 10, 2018

Overnight visitors

Longtime ( over 35  + years ) friends of ours were in the area and made a point to stop for the night.  As I am an owner here I get a discount for friends and family in both the RV sites and the condos.  I had recently visited Jannose and Colin when I was in Edmonton to see the chiropractor, but they hadn’t seen Colin in a while and it was a perfect stop for them on this road trip.  They arrived around 2:30PM Sunday afternoon and left at 8AM this morning.  So we made the best of our short time together.

We took them to see our garden plot and found this garden full of flowers. Lovely.  Jannose and Colin have a large garden back in the Edmonton area, but I was surprised to hear that once the seeds are growing and established that they don’t water any further.  I know that our veggies would die here in the extreme heat.  There are times that we have to water twice per day.

Wine, appies and lots of discussion.  Luckily we had a heron visit our beach while we were relaxing together.

We went to the only large restaurant in our area, the Greek House.  We were there mid August with blog reader Paul and his wife Jan.  The food is as good as always with large portions as you can see.  Too bad our wait person had the shakes when she took this photo.  We all went to bed with full tummies.

Sadly our friends who were on their way today to Calgary to visit family ( they have the cutest granddaughter ) got stuck in highway traffic due to a major accident.  That made their eight hour drive a ten hour drive 😯   We look forward to seeing them next spring.  Always special to have friends drop in.

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  1. George Yates says:

    Nice to have friends drop by and visit with your guys , always a fun time.

  2. Looks like a fun night and any night with Greek food is a great night lol (one of my favorites tied with Mexican)

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