Sep 05, 2018

Now that was an interesting sunset

Taken last evening.  Most interesting.

I imagine that those white lines were made by a variety of aircraft.  However they are in unusual locations and the airport is the left of the photo.  There are two lines on the right and the top line was being made by an aircraft as I took this photo.  It was flying from the top right down to the center of the picture.

As I worked late at my desk last night I was bothered by fruit flies flying into my face.  Finally I said enough and made up a glass of white wine vinegar with a bit of dish soap in it.  I then covered it with saran wrap and poked a few holes onto the top of the glass.  Nope, those flies were not interested at all.  They kept flying around my wine glass even though I had to place a cover over the glass after each sip.  So I got up yet again and this time I made up a glass of the same wine I was drinking with the saran top complete with holes.  Nope, those flies were still not interested.  They were still swarming around my covered wine glass.  My conclusion, though not scientific, is that those fruit flies are snobs.  They only drink from a fancy wine glass 😉

Colin has been out since approximately 6AM, it is now 8PM and he has not stopped taking photos.  When on a break from the one job, waiting for the light to move around, he drove over to start another photo shoot which he hopes to finish tomorrow.  I expect him home between 90 minutes to two hours from now.  Then we will have dinner.  Our life does not have set routines.  Rain is in the forecast 😥  It is still smoky out but we are on the countdown time wise, so with his clients approval he is taking photos in less than perfect conditions.   Meanwhile he brought his new computer home about 10PM yesterday but has not had the time to set it up and even see if it is working properly.

We leave three weeks tomorrow.

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8 Responses to “Now that was an interesting sunset”

  1. George Yates says:

    Interesting skies for sure.
    For fruit flies we use a small side of cider vinegar with saran and find they really seem to go right to it.

  2. Contessa I meant to comment on your mother-in-law, Mommio, earlier. She is so remarkable fit, healthy and in overall great shape for a 104! year old (young) lady. Her appetite is incredible too.
    Hope for Colin to finish his jobs before you leave for the winter. However, now that the fires die down and the weather improves at your home it would not be a hardship to stay a while longer.

    • contessa says:

      We are leaving as planned three weeks today as we have spent money on a certain event. Out clients were all told in June when we were leaving. The smoke is still with us.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    Too funny about the snobby fruit flies 🙂 I’m sure this will be a very busy three weeks for you!

  4. SandyM says:

    Fruit flies, spiders and their webs and so many other creepy crawlies that I seem to notice so much more at this time of year – all trying to find their Winter Happy Place. Traveling Mercies for the start of your trip in a couple of weeks.

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