Aug 24, 2018

A glimpse of hope

The wind blew very strongly all day yesterday and even more so in the afternoon.  See the whitecaps on the lake.

We had a wee miracle around 4:30PM yesterday.  Blue sky.  The wind had blown the smoke over a bit. Gosh it was so nice to see it and to breathe fresher air.  There was still smoke around but this was a patch of heaven.  Don’t ever take blue sky for granted.

Interesting how the smoke is higher surrounding the sun.  You can just make out some blue sky to the right of the shot.

Yes the smoke makes for interesting photos but I am beyond tired of it. Colin hasn’t worked for weeks.

Colin picked up a wild sockeye salmon yesterday and they only had huge pieces, double what we normally purchase.  Had I not been bogged down at my desk dealing with a serious GST ( tax issue ) at 6:30PM ( on the phone with the Government ) I might have thought to suggest that he freeze half the salmon.  As you can see, he  first marinaded it all so he had to cook it all.  That is a lot of fish for us to eat over the next few days.  It was cooked to melt in your mouth perfection.

As Colin is not doing any photography he is busy with many other chores that need to be done.  Things like sorting out the RV basements, checking the batteries and weeding the garden and generally getting ready for our departure which is just on the horizon.  There are always things that come up like the fellow who has been caring for our home in the winter saying that he no longer wants to do it.  Now we have to find someone else to collect the mail and check the heaters we leave on in here when away.

He also is spending a lot more time with his guitars which he loves.

The sun this morning.  We awoke to smoke filled skies.  The sun was red and then thicker smoke or perhaps clouds began to pass in front of it making for an interesting photo.

As today wore on the smoke got thicker.  I can no longer see the highway as I type.  The planes are still flying but it appears to me that there are fewer coming in today.  No sunset tonight, I don’t even know where the sun is.  Sadly the rain has not materialized.  Sorry for yet another blog on the smoke but that is the reality of our lives at the moment.  Good news, it is only 7:30PM, time to call it the end of a long day.  Yesterday we didn’t eat until after 9:30PM, tonight will be much better.  Guess what’s for dinner tonight?

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3 Responses to “A glimpse of hope”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice that you git a bit of blue sky today and a breath of fresh air.
    That sure looks like a nice feast of salmon.

  2. Kathy Tycho says:

    We just had our first rain since???? Unusual to be so dry for a couple of months here in Terrace. A few days of smoke last week but not from fires in our area. Most of the province has a had a very depressing summer! Hopefully next year will be better now that much of the dead pine beetle timber has burned.

  3. I was so hoping you guys would get rain. We had a day of unexpected showers yesterday, entirely welcome. It shows we are supposed to get 2 more days of rain Wednesday and Thursday – bring it on. Our smoke dissapated too but it seems to change day by day.

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