Aug 16, 2018

Always fun to meet blog readers

Jan and Paul are in the area in their RV for a few weeks. They dropped by Tuesday evening.  So smoky out there.

When my Dad passed away in February of  2015 he donated his body to science, to the Department of Anatomy at the University of Alberta.  My Mom had done the same thing and they kept her for close to two years.   Every year the University has a memorial service for all the families whose loved ones had made the very special donation of their bodies so that futures doctors could learn about the human body and all of its complications.  For whatever reason they were including my Dad in that years memorial service even though they were not quite done with him.  Unfortunately it worked out to be the time that we would be traveling back to Canada from Mexico.

What to do?  It just did not make sense to spend thousands of dollars to travel to the service for the one day and it was not a good idea for Colin to be driving the RV back on his own with two dogs.  So we thought about it and with the input of a very special friend, we decided to hire a videographer to tape the entire ceremony so that when I viewed it, it would be just as if I was sitting there in the audience.  So we called many photographers in Edmonton and did phone interviews and Paul was our choice.  Having been at my Mom’s memorial service I was able to direct Paul as to where to sit and what I wanted him to focus on, the music, the speeches, my Dad’s name on the big screen and so on.  Paul did a fabulous job, I actually cried watching the video and am so very happy that we hired him.  I felt like I had been right there.  He did a perfect job.

Once home Colin was able to explain to Paul what we wanted as the end product.  There was a good deal of back and forth for a few months and we explained why were not going to be there.  Eventually it came up about our travels and this blog.  Paul started to read the blog.  He and Jan also have a large rig and plan to travel as we have in a few years.  We had become friends via emails.  So this summer they were RVing in Vernon and here in Kelowna and the stars aligned for us to meet.

Paul set his iPhone up on the back of one of the teal recliners to get a photo of the four of us.   Paul was so helpful to me when I got my iPhone last fall sending me all kinds of tips.

After some wine and chit chat we headed over to the local Greek restaurant.  We enjoyed each others company and the discussion revolved around photography and RVing.

We chatted until almost dark.  We were too involved to get photos of our delicious meals.

Thank you for stopping by  and we hope to get in yet another quick visit before you have to head back to Edmonton.  So much to talk about and so little time 😥

Taken a few days earlier.

I put both shots in as I could not decide which I preferred.  Hate the smoke but love the special effect photography.

How fun!  I just realized that four different people were involved in taking photos for this post.


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10 Responses to “Always fun to meet blog readers”

  1. George Yates says:

    It is always fun meeting blog followers and getting to know each other, So many interesting people out there.

  2. It’s amazing how friendships form. So nice for these folks to come visit and perhaps they’ll like Mexico too. Contessa those two pictures of the sun are great. Almost unreal if not knowing the circumstance why the unusual colours.

    • contessa says:

      I do believe that one day when they are both retire, perhaps in a few years, that they will coming down to Mexico with us. The sun was truly that colour.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    It is always nice when you finally get to put a face to the people you have been communicating with 🙂 I love both those sunset pictures … with all the smoke we have in the valley you have to look at the good side!

  4. Paul says:

    What a beautiful set of photos! We had so much
    Fun with you. You are a great story teller! Blogging is
    extremely time consuming, but it sure is fun to read!

    I am a big fan!!!!!

    • Contessa says:

      We had a great time with you. I know that both Colin and you have business in Vancouver over the next week based on the smoke. Hopefully we can get together once more before you leave our smoky city.

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