Aug 10, 2018

Party time

Lake Lane, the street that we live on here in the Park has not had a block party for a few years.  I know that I should have organized one ( I did so a while back ) but I just have not had any free time over the past few years.  So someone else organized one for today between 4 and 6 PM.  It was extra smokey and we were at 36F.  Not everyone attended but we had a good turn out.

There were folks that we knew such as Karen whom I have not spoken to since they arrived the end of June.  I am mostly inside on the computer.  There were also many new arrivals to our street over the past few years.  Many changes and new faces.  Thanks for getting this shot of me Colin.

It was a fun getting to know new neighbors. We figured out that the oldest person on our street arrived in 1995 and the we were next arriving in 2001 or 2002.  There were almost another dozen others that arrived to enjoy the happy hour after I took this shot.  Nice to see Colin out socializing.  He has been working hard the last two days.

The smoke and heat continue although there are showers in the forecast.  Lightening also.

I liked both of these shots, so I leave it up to you to decide which you prefer.

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5 Responses to “Party time”

  1. George Yates says:

    Block parties are fun , getting to know your neighbours.,Nice that you got outside too.

  2. Bonkers says:

    This question is not related to your post today. Just wondering if its possible to store an RV in the mazatlan area using the RV park address as your permanent home. The RV could be registered in MX and insured as such.
    I know that people do that in the US …..if their state has registration fees, they use the address of an out of state friend. My neighbors MH has Idaho plates for this very reason. I suppose if it was possible more of you would do it, and avoid the long drive in your RV ..

    • Contessa says:

      First of all we personally would never leave our RV in Mazatlan due to all the salt air damage. However many do even at Tres Amigos RV Park on Stone Island/Isla de la Piedra as well as in Mazatlan. I know that most are insured but not all. As to using the RV park address as your permanent home I could not say for certain but don’t see why not. However there are no addresses as such on the Isla. I know for a fact that the owner of Tres Amigos would do it for you. He also offers great deals re annual rates but you have to pay for three years at a time.

      • bonkers says:

        Thx for the explanation. It was a curiosity question more than anything. It just seemed odd to me that people drive their motorhome 1,000+ miles to Mexico, park for 5- 6 months, drive back home and put the MH in storage for the summer. Seemed like it would be easier and cheaper to store the MH in Mexico, and just use the toad to get there. Hadn’t considered salt air damage …. very valid issue.

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