Aug 07, 2018

Time for some TLC

Colin and I got married in 1987 and happily lived in a 1050 sq ft brand new condominium in Vancouver.   Five years later we bought a large home in Tsawwassen, it was huge at 5600 sq ft with three levels and two staircases.  Our business was moving into the lower level complete with cove walls, a seamless background used for photographing architectural models as well as product photography.  We needed to do some serious furniture shopping 😯

The only furniture that we have left are our teal colored recliners which we love now as much as we did back in 1992.  It was a special order and they only reclined and rocked, I asked if they could add swivel and they did.  We shopped at Paramount Furniture ( they are still in business ) where most everything was a custom order.  We waited eight long weeks for these Barcaloungers and they cost us a total of $2310.00 way back then.  Today they are still for sale and cost even more.  I have to say that we use all three functions but the swivel is our favorite.

They have served us well for the last 26 years but it was time for some TLC and Colin had some free time.  They have only been moved three times but now had some worn areas.  Here we are now living in just under 1000 sq ft in a mobile home in an RV Park.

Tiny little white patches here and there.  Likely from swiveling against something.  Once we had a guest in house #2 who reclined so quickly and far back that she put a hole in the wall.

Rather then spend hundreds of dollars on having a professional come and do the touch ups Colin did some online research and found a leather repair kit online through for under $35.00.  Somewhat complicated to create the correct color match.

A good deal of concentration and repeated tests to get the color correct.

The moment of truth. Looks great.  He went over every inch of each chair.

Later he used a special leather cleaner on the loungers and they now look brand new.  I sure like this semi retirement 😆

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6 Responses to “Time for some TLC”

  1. George Yates says:

    This retirement gig is a wonderful way to enjoy life, glad you are get used to it. Nice repair job Colin did on the chairs.

  2. Joyce C Foster says:

    That’s great that Colin could repair the chairs and what a great job he did! We live in such a throw away world these days not many people would have bothered! My sewing machine was on the fritz the other day but ordered a new foot pedal from Amazon (where else?) for $13 and my husband was able to wire it in for me. I don’t do much sewing any more so didn’t really want to buy a new one. It works like new now! I hope your spider bite has completely healed.

    • contessa says:

      Welcome to the comment section of the blog. Spider bite is gone but what an ordeal. So nice ghat you could get that easy fix for your sewing machine. Wonderful that we can sometimes find an easy solutions to certain repairs.

  3. I remember sitting there looking out over the lake. 🙂

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