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Aug 31, 2018

A visit with Mommio

Colin has had a great day with his Mom.  She always seems to perk up when he gets there.  She had told him last week that she did not want to go out, she had no energy, her arthritis was bothering her, etc.  When he got there she was dressed to the nines and ready […]


Aug 30, 2018

And he is off….

So while Colin was spending time with Mommio I was partially working on getting lists ready for our trip to Mexico.  I realized that I can’t get our Mexican insurance until we fully insure the RV which won’t happen until a few days before we leave.  We have the Aviva storage insurance but not the […]


Aug 29, 2018

So that was the cause of my stress today!

I was on my way into Kelowna to run a few errands and then end with a calming massage.  Trying to work the kinks out of my neck and shoulders after all those hours on the computer doing research.   I allowed double the time I needed to get to my 1PM appointment so that I […]


Aug 28, 2018

Que pasa!

I am sure that Dee will recall my closed toe shoe problem, as she tried so hard to come up with solutions for me and my claustraphobic feet, as did mi amiga Suzanne.  Well I took my Mephisto runners in for a second stretching and asked them to leave the shoes on the stretcher for […]


Aug 27, 2018

Back to Normal – for Now!

What a change in the last 36 hours.  So nice to be able to leave the windows open and to breathe fresh air. I wish I could say that we had a great day.  Colin and I are very aware of the weather due to our business.  The forecast on Sunday was for a clear […]


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