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Jul 25, 2018

I have been busy saving money

We had a break for a few days with no fire smoke.  Today that all changed again.  With a high of 34C/93.2F and winds gusting this afternoon up to 25 mph we are solidly smoked in.  The forecast over the next seven days ranges between 34C  to 37C/98.6F.  Hot and dry, perfect conditions to fan […]


Jul 22, 2018

Another celebration

Today Colin turned 68 today! We had a quiet day at home, a bit of business work, some house cleaning, some computer work and of course some guitar.  I even found a few hours to read my book.  We don’t usually do much for birthdays other that a special dinner out.


Jul 21, 2018

Do you have a blue mind?

I read this article way back in December and it struck a cord with me.  The article is about why being near water really does make us happier.  I know that for myself and Colin we prefer to be near water.  We don’t have to be in it or on it but just to look […]


Jul 20, 2018

This and that

Thank you all for your lovely anniversary wishes.  We really appreciated them all. I had planned a post for yesterday and another for tonight but we have had a hectic 48 hours so I am just going to give you a bit of this and that. It really was the perfect day.  Thank you for […]


Jul 18, 2018

Thirty one years today

On a very hot July 18th, much like today, we were married in Vancouver in 1987. This morning when I went to make the bed after Colin had gone out I found a card with a surprise.  Later I found another homemade card and a surprise.  Yet another surprise found in the coffee drawer.  Now […]


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