Jul 15, 2018

Garden update

I am happy to say that we still have a garden and it is doing rather well.  We now are able to weed just once per week and that seems to be enough.  We found some discarded boards which we have placed between the rows and that is helping with the weeds.  Best of all we are now enjoying the fruits/veggies of our labour.

Does anyone want some extra kale or Swiss chard?  Hmmm no photos of the boards here.  Note the tomatoes on the right.

We will have a lot of tomatoes. I actually pollinate them by hand everyday by running my finger under the new yellow flowers.

I love fresh peas out of the shell.

This was a few days ago and last night we each got another 8 pods to snack on.  We also had fresh beets as well as their tops steamed with our meal last night.  Between the beets, kale and Swiss chard I no longer have to purchase veggies.  Our carrots  are still tiny, I think the soil is too hard for them.

Loved this sky a few nights ago with the layered dark clouds, especially the sun filtering through to the hills on the East.

Looks like we will be watering the garden a few times per day for the next week.

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10 Responses to “Garden update”

  1. Sandie says:

    Boy does that look good.

    • contessa says:

      🙂 We are enjoying the veggies but there was a lot of backbreaking work involved with all of those weeds.

  2. George Yates says:

    Nice that your garden is doing well, nothing quite like fresh veggies.

  3. SandyM says:

    Your garden is looking great. The tomatoes are going to be so good – enjoy every bite. Have you ever tried fried green tomatoes nearer the end of the season? A very interesting taste.

  4. Wow, your garden sure turned out nice, so happy for you. My tomatoes are slow this year but lots growing so should see some by the end of July. I experimented and grew one cucumber plant in a pot – turned an tomato cage upside down over the pot and it is climbing that. Almost ready to harvest my very first cucumber ever 🙂

    • contessa says:

      I’ve noticed that a few others in the garden plots are growing cucumbers. Lots of foliage for just the one cucumber. I hope that it tastes great. As for the tomatoes very few others have as many tomatoes growing as I do. I believe that my daily touching of the tips of the yellow flowers make a huge difference because of pollination.

  5. Peter says:

    Too many tomatoes? Slow roast them coated with some olive oil, then freeze them. Great on pizza!

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