Jul 05, 2018

Finally a rest day and then a visit to an interesting location

I totally loved Monaco but it really did wear me out with all that walking.  I spent the next day, Sunday, June 3rd doing laundry and washing my hair.  Fortunately we had the washing machine brochures which of course were in French ( which I spoke before English )  as I needed them to figure out how to turn the darn thing on.  It was cool, damp and threatening to drizzle.  I hung what I could on the wee line outside and the rest of our things were strewn over lamp shades, door knobs and what have you.  Amazingly they were all dry by the next morning.  The hair washing was a big to do as I had had to wait so many days after the stitches were taken out and I had to try and keep the wound dry 🙄

Colin got cabin fever and and went for a long walk while I sat at the lovely table with my feet up on a chair and worked on this blog.  The photos had already been edited but it took me 3.5 hours to write the Vatican post.  I then organized my notes.  I had/have a scrap of paper with the date and everything we did on that particular day along with some special notes which would make blogging easier.  However between us and the two cameras we took hundreds and hundreds of photos.  They all had to be reviewed and edited.  Sometimes I used my photos and sometimes Colin’s.  There were days when I was too tired and Colin took all the photos.  But it was up to me to decide which I would use and what I was going to write about.  We both used a different program in the computer.  Each day had its own folder on the desktop with the selection of photos to use or not use.  I just hated to delete some photos as there was so much to share with you but neither I nor you my dear reader have time to write nor read it all.  However just in the last few days I reviewed the photos and discovered some special pictures that had been missed.  So over the last few days I have gone over 1000 photos for France and for Spain ( which I might have to check yet again ).  Photography is our business and we can’t publish just any photo although sometimes I just give up and do so regardless 😳

When Colin got back and after we had chatted for a bit and had a lovely glass of wine we headed out for dinner.  We always bought water and wine ( so we were able to enjoy a glass or two at the apartment ) at the local grocery store as well as some fruit.  Colin often went out for croissants in the morning.  Of all the wines we bought on our trip or ordered at a restaurant we never had one that we did not enjoy.  I was amazed that we could get a bottle of white DOC wine for only 2.8 euros at the grocery store.  Usually we tried to buy a liter or two half liters ( if Colin wanted red ) of house wine at the restaurant we were dining at.

On this particular evening we went to Pizza Cresci which according to Trip Advisor was the very best in Nice.  There was no house wine and the cheapest bottle of white wine was 22.5 euros but we ordered it anyway.  It came without a bucket of ice to keep it cool.  We soon had that rectified.  Because of that our waiter developed a huge attitude problem.  I had pizza as it was what this place was noted for while Colin had pasta.  We had to ask for bread, oil and vinegar.  When the meal was delivered it was literally thrown on the table in front of us.  We would have happily excused the rude waiter but the food was not good at all 😥

Many of you have commented on the sizes of the pizza you see in the photos.  In Europe those are normal single serving portions.  The pizza you eat in the US or in Canada are totally different from a European pizza.  Naples had the best every pizza, so lite and melt in your mouth.  We could each have eaten two.  In Rome they were a teeny tiny thicker and about the same in Nice.  In Europe the crust is so thin that you can’t pick it up with your fingers and you need to use a fork and knife to eat your meal.  The pizza is so light that you don’t feel stuffed ( as you would here, eating 2 or 3 pieces ) once you eat it all.  Some days we did eat it all and other days ( if we did not walk as much ) we brought back the left overs for lunch.

This dinner ended up costing us 50.8 euros ( about 79.50 CAD ) and it was not tasty.  I could barely bite down on the crust of my pizza and Colin said that his pasta had no taste.  But the attitude of the waiter made us most uncomfortable.  So Colin went to manager and complained.  We immediately had a new waiter who was fawning over us.  They offered us a free after dinner drink that we were not interested in.  So we ended up paying the full bill for our meal.  I have yet to make a review on Trip Advisor but I will.

It poured rain all night.  I could not stop coughing when I woke up Monday, June 4th.  The dampness did not agree with me.  It rained all morning and into the early afternoon.  It cleared up about 2 PM and we decided to take a chance and head out as this was our last chance to get to Cannes as we were leaving the next day for Spain.  The cost for the return trip by train to Cannes for both of us was 21.60 E/ $33.56 CAD.  By 3PM we were in Cannes 😀

A typical street.

Just to the left of the promenade.

More of the French Riviera only this time the beach has sand.

The famous Carlton Hotel.

The promenade.

Hey, the Cannes Film Festival building.   To Colin’s left is an old fashioned reel to reel camera set up with the film all over the outside.  Totally Colin as he excelled in real film and also did some video work in days gone by.

Cannes has its own long row of famous hand prints.  This one is Angelina Jolie.

Colin vs Sylvester Stallone.

Yes we really are in Cannes, the place to be seen.

Not our yacht,  just a mirror image.

One must walk the plank to get aboard.

We quite liked this smaller wooden boat.

Note the lighthouse, the helicopter taking off and this rather large yacht coming in to dock.

We were able to walk along the dock right next to these amazing boats.

A chair for you and for me to remove our shoes and then put them on again as we head out.

Ahh that large yacht coming into dock.  Umm, that looks like staff in uniform.

We spent four hours in Cannes and then had our final dinner at our favorite restaurant in Nice.  Colin always has such a lovely smile.

Yes the seafood pasta.  I would go back there just for dinner.

Can you see the small ceramic carafe to the left that my 500 ml of wine was served in?  I still can’t believe that I lost 5 pounds eating all that food night after night.

It was the perfect end to our five days in Nice.




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6 Responses to “Finally a rest day and then a visit to an interesting location”

  1. Dee Tillotson says:

    Just love your outfit for your touring of Cannes. You are a fashion plate for the Riviera.

    • contessa says:

      Thank you Dee. Those were the warmest clothes that I had with me in Europe along with the thin bamboo sweater I was carrying. But yes I was still trying to look stylish.

  2. George Yates says:

    More wonderful photos again and interesting scenery. Too bad about the tasteless food and bad service sure is uncalled for.
    You can eat much more and still loose weight when you do lots of walking, works for me.

    • contessa says:

      Well considering it was the only bad meal of the entire four week trip it wasn’t a big deal. I was mostly annoyed at how Trip Advisor portrayed that place as the best there was in Nice.

      You certainly are the perfect model for eating so well and still staying slim and healthy.

  3. Dolores T says:

    I can’t imagine having so much money that I could afford to buy a huge yacht like that and still have money for other things. Your dinner looks lovely

    • contessa says:

      I had those same thoughts about the vast amount of monies one would need to have. I can’t even begin to image that type of wealth.

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