Jun 13, 2018

Que Pasa

I just found this photo in the camera tonight.  Colin must have taken this as we landed on Sunday.  The lake in the middle is our lake, officially called Ellison lake but known as Duck Lake.  The narrow lake at the top of the photo is Lake Okanagan, the largest lake in our area, it goes for miles.  Just down a tad on the top right is Woods Lake.  Our home is at the top middle of Duck Lake.

Taken during a storm a few nights ago. Interesting play on colors.  There is also just tiniest bit of rainbow showing.

We were shocked at the fish prices yesterday while at Costco.  Fresh wild sockeye @ 59.99/kg or 59.99 per 2.2 pounds of salmon. WOW!!!!

Last year tuna was more expensive but not this season at $44.99/kg or $44.99 per 2.2 pounds of tuna.

Last May we only got the one feed of Copper River  @ 89.99/kg.  This year as we were in Europe we missed it, I can’t imagine how much it had been this year.  Yes that is $89.99 per 2.2 pounds of Copper River salmon, $45.00 per pound of fish.

Back in May 2014 Copper River we paid $44.99/kg.  Prices have certainly gone up.  The best salmon ever is becoming too much for us to buy.  Even back in 2014 it was expensive.

Today was day two of being a human pin cushion.  Fortunately I have a week before I get my final two treatments for the year.  I have to wear the thick thigh high stocking for the first 24 hours and then I can take them off about 7PM as long as my legs remain elevated.

You might remember that last June when we came back from Venice that our home had been flooded as well as the storage area for the RV’s here at our park.  This is the final rebuild before the marks outlining the sites were put down.

Hard to believe that we were out of our storage area for a full year due to the ground water problem.  They have rearranged the rows to increase the number of rental sites which makes things a bit tighter.  We parked more the the left of our site in this photo in order to be able to open our slides ( one on each side ) so that we can get our carpets cleaned in a few weeks.  Always something to do.  We are happy to have the RV back here in the park as it makes it much easier to go back and forth in the golf cart.

So another full day.  I am still tired, in fact I slept 11.5 hours last night.  Hope to catch up soon and get my energy back.

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10 Responses to “Que Pasa”

  1. George Yates says:

    Great that things are coming together again, That sure is some expensive salmon, but worth it if you really enjoy it.
    Nice to have you storage area back again.

  2. Part of the reason salmon prices have increased is that they have limited the salmon fisheries on numbers you can keep. Last year we could keep 4 coho each license each day. This year it is 1. We only caught 1 that was big enough to keep but it was 15 lbs so kept us (mostly hubby, I rarely eat fish as ate too much as a kid) in fish until mid winter. We go fishing again in August, I hope we catch more this year! I do buy halibut but scour the supermarket fish area to see if the have “ends”. The last 2 years I have managed to find small packs of halibut ends for $6 a pack or a 10th of the real price of halibut. This side of the island you rarely catch halibut, mainly the other Tofino side. My fishing guide f(they live and work right here in Comox)did tell me the other day though that 2 weeks ago him and his wife caught one – that is like white gold!

    • contessa says:

      Thanks so much for the explanation re the increase in prices. I hope that you catch more on the next outing.

  3. Dee Tillotson says:

    What terrible prices, especially for people who depend on fish as their mainstay of protein. I through up my hands last week after I made a quick trip to Publix grocery to purchase wild salmon for grilling that night; there was none thawed in the meat case, so I went to the frozen fish case and there it was, wild salmon $59/lb. before sales tax, unbelievable! We did NOT have salmon that night, and I will not eat farmed salmon with mercury in it. What is going on in your neck of the woods regarding the salmon catch?

    • Dee Tillotson says:

      Correction, (just in a hurry), “threw” not “through”.

    • contessa says:

      I should compare the prices to local meat and see the differences. I have no idea re the fishing situation as we are inland as compared to Cheapchick and Croft.

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    Great picture coming into Kelowna! I also like the interesting light on the one during the storm.

    • contessa says:

      This is not a by choice procedure. I am doing it for medical reasons because of the conditions of my veins.

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