Jun 04, 2018

Time off and a special dinner out

I woke up the day after my birthday on May 23rd feeling really nasty.   It was pouring rain and my cold had returned.   We had a 9:30AM tour booked for the Colosseum and there was no way I was going to go out in that rain.  We called the tour company and yes they could change our tickets for another day but it would cost us each another 15 euro 😯  We had already spent a good deal of money on the tour and so it was only logically to spend even more on such an important tour, the only one we had booked in Rome.

Colin went out in the afternoon on his own while I dozed off and on and stayed under blankets to stay warm.  I think I worked on a blog or two as well.  By late afternoon it had cleared up a bit and we decided to go out for dinner.  We had to go out to eat regardless so we made a bit of a sightseeing trip out of it.  Colin thought it might be nice to go to the Colosseum area for dinner and perhaps see it lit up at night.

He found this place while browsing and it offered 50% off all food but not drinks. So we booked it.

Again we sat inside because of my cold and chill.  This was the view from our table if we crouched down a bit under the canopy.

Lightly breaded zucchini flowers is the official name of our appetizer.  The bread, olive oil and vinegar were so good.

I had the seafood pasta which included fresh lobster, crab, shrimp and perhaps more, which was 24 euros but at 50% off was a great deal.  Colin had we think a salmon pasta dish.  They were both excellent.

Meanwhile the sun was setting and the lights were coming on.

We took our time finishing our wine and  then went outside to take some photos. It seemed that this was the corner to take the photos.  Colin didn’t bring his tripod this evening so he leaned up against a streetlight to steady the camera.

This was the result.

We walked up some steps to take a few more photos.  The first photos were taken with my camera and here we used for the first time ever my iPhone. It did a very good job with the lighting.

The iPhone camera definitely has its uses.

Soon it was time to head home and get me back to bed where I did have a very good sleep.  The rest during the day and that night helped me regain some energy.  I know that I can do a lot in a day but not day after day without a break.

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4 Responses to “Time off and a special dinner out”

  1. AZGAL says:


  2. Kelly says:

    Enjoying this trip , thanks for doing the posts.
    All the food looks so good.
    Glad you are feeling some better.

  3. George Yates says:

    What wonderful birthday meal too bad your were not feeling better.

  4. The food looks scrumptious! Oh and the wine too! Keep the blogs coming. We’re enjoying this and it is a memory lane for Juan.

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