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Jun 20, 2018

I can’t stay away

Maybe I am addicted to the computer.  Yesterday afternoon I had a nap and I  then went to bed at 9PM and slept until 7AM today.  I woke up tired 🙁     I will keep trying to rest.  The chest x-ray came back today as clear which I expected.  So my doctor won’t give me antibiotics […]


Jun 19, 2018

Taking a day or two off

Had my last right leg vein treatment done this AM and the last left leg treatment for this year is tomorrow.  Not fun wearing thick mid thigh tight compression stockings in 34C temperatures. I was exhausted by 10AM and could barely do my 30 minute required post vein treatment walk.  I felt like I was […]


Jun 18, 2018

Yeah we finally got to France!

I did do a post a while back about our trip from Florence to Nice on May 31st.   You can find that here.  There is also a link to our Airbnb there.  I must mention again that Nice is the second largest city in France after Paris but the most expensive in all of […]


Jun 17, 2018

Paying our respects to the Italian Greats



Jun 16, 2018

Still not doing well

We will have returned here a week ago tomorrow, Sunday.  I am still coughing as much and feel as weak as I was then.  No energy to do anything.  I would rather have my two hips replaced again than go thru this day after day.  I have another appointment with my doctor on Monday.  I […]


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