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May 14, 2018

Toronto to Istanbul

Which is why we have a 17.5 hour layover here, by choice. Good place to catch up on our jet lag. It is 1:20PM at home and 11:20PM locally, time for some shut eye.  Please forgive any spelling/grammar errors, just doing a quick proof tonight as my eyes are closing.  Colin’s are already closed.   […]


May 13, 2018

A first even for Air Canada

Check in went well at the airport and we were assured that our bags would travel with us on each flight.  First time either of us has taken an early morning flight without horrendous line ups.  We just sat and relaxed until the flight was called.  As we were boarding I was pulled aside.  Gulp […]


May 12, 2018

Quite the day

Certainly not how we planned our final day to play out. Crazy times we live in.  We are showered, 97% packed ( just the last minute morning things to add ) and my toes are painted.  The final bottle of wine is open and dinner is moments away. Just wanted to share an app I […]


May 11, 2018

Flood and trip preparations

It was a full day but stress free as we got done what needed to be done.  Time now for an earlier dinner than normal for us as we want to get to bed a bit earlier.  Any little bit that we can do to help alleviate jet lag is a bonus.


May 10, 2018

Looks like we are going to be flooded again

Over the past few days the lake has been up 8″ over a 24 hour period and then 11″ over 24 hours and now we are rising very quickly.  Yesterday we had massive rain and it created havoc everywhere.  They say that that amount of rain may take a few days to show a rise […]


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