May 24, 2018

Our last full day in Napoli

I am so glad that we allowed 4.5 days and 5 nights to enjoy Naples.  Many told us that even two days were more than enough.  We loved Naples and will go back if it fits into our travel schedule in the years to come.  Saturday, May 19th was our last full day to enjoy the city.  But first I had to wash my hair and while it dried we did the majority of our packing. Then we headed out for a bit more sightseeing.

We have become reacquainted with metro travel and are becoming proficient.

We were off to see the view from the top of the hill where Castel Sant’ Elmo is located.  We took a funicular up to the top.

Now that is a rather large door.

The view was amazing. We were not actually going to the castle as it did not have much that interested us inside and the view was just a few meters higher than what we were already seeing for free.  Not worth 11 euro each.

A few high rises in downtown Napoli.

The train station in the middle with its many tracks leading in and out of the city.

Love the colors.

Back down the hill via the funicular and Colin rode in the car right behind the driver.

Who texted all the way down and never looked up.

We stopped for a late lunch in a restaurant we had hoped to be have been able to try.  We did have to wait in line outside for 45 minutes before a table came available.  They were that busy!

We were eating at Pizzaria Sorbillo @ Via dei Tribunali, 32, said to be the most authentic ( so did another that we tried )  but the sign above me says that they won an award in 2016 for the best pizza in the world.

The pizza was excellent, too bad we discovered it on our last day.  The wine was very good as well.

This was the only place where we shared a pizza that they brought it whole and expected us to cut it.

It was really great pizza. How are we ever going to be able to eat pizza in Canada again?  We were so fortunate to be able to try the top three pizzas in Naopli,  the home of where pizza was created, they were spectacular and then there was that special one in Pompeii.  Mamma Mia !!

Pizza ( as well as pasta ) is inexpensive in Napoli.  The entire bill was 17 euro, 3 for the service charge, only 5 for that magnificent pizza and the wine was 9 euros.  What fun, the food part was only 5 of those 17 euros.

The ovens that baked that special pizza. I have to say that prices here in Rome are more expensive and the food no where near as tasty.  Oh to be back in Napoli ( this was written in real time when we are in Roma ).

Arm in arm we headed back towards our apartment.  Oh, a brief stop, needed to get a new tote bag as mine was starting to rip at the handles.  Great find and it is black and much better for Colin to be carting around than the old gold one.  Someone needs to cart the water bottles, maps, tour books and my extra sweater 😎

Then it happened, not three blocks from our apartment.  I tripped over a cobble stone as we crossed the street and went down with such force that Colin could not keep me upright.  I hit hard, mostly on my left side.  Bruises, bloody knee, dirty clothes and very sore left side which I have not been able to lay on.  Things like this happen, but it had been such a great day with the sun shining and all, not to mention the fabulous pizza and wine that this brought me down.  So I limped home and sulked for a bit.

Eventually we went out to dinner down the road and I think we had some sort of seafood pasta.  Colin loved his but not me but then I was in a funk.  I do remember the great bread, olive oil and vinegar.  Of course we have no photos of that final meal in Naples.  We pretty much headed home ( I limped ) and went to bed.

Ciao, ciao, more to come.



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7 Responses to “Our last full day in Napoli”

  1. rae says:

    I am shocked by the price of that pizza! The Balkans have pizza that I bet would rival anything in Italy and those are the sorts of prices I was paying there, especially in Montenegro and Macedonia. Hmm, could parts of Italy not be as expensive as I would have expected?!

    The views from the top of the funicular are incredible! I can’t believe the contrast of those skyscrapers with the colourful buildings.

    Sorry you fell. 🙁

  2. I found the margherita pizza definitely cheapest but if you wanted anything on it was almost double. In Salerno for 5 Euro we could get a good sized tasty Margherita pizza. Sorry about your fall – that sucks. I loved the pizza and gelato, never tried the lemon but did try cherry and pistachio, both were amazing. Glad you liked Naples, you hear such awful things about it. If I come back to the area we will spend a couple of days there but really would like to see other areas of Italy next time, maybe slightly less crowded ones

  3. George Yates says:

    What a fun time and amazing food. thanks for sharing and hope you heal quickly.

  4. Dee Tillotson says:

    My goodness, Contessa, no doubt you must be one sore gal, especially when you woke up the next morning. Hope you had some medical supplies with you to treat the wounded knee and aspirin for the swelling. Yep, these things happen; it happened to me in Germany years ago, scraped my knee and sprained an ankle. Went to a German pharmacist, and they fixed me right up with medication for the pain, ace bandage for the ankle, and a walking cane. Pleasantly surprised that they could do so much, as pharmacists here in the states are severely restricted in prescribing treatments.

    I know you will be able to continue to see Roma, but just a tad slower.

  5. Croft Randle says:

    Ouch! Another reminder that we must keep our eyes down when walking on these cobblestones. We lose our ability to bounce back up as we age! Take it easy, let it heal but don’t let it stop you!

    That was one nice looking pizza for only $7.50 Canadian!

  6. Peter says:

    Sorry for your fall down, not a good way to end an otherwise perfect day. Hopefully you’ll be up and at it again today. Napoli has a negative reputation, but your experience will change a few people’s minds, we will definitely consider going there. Great pictures!

  7. Gail from Buckeye AZ says:

    Pizza looks yummy! I am so enjoying the pictures you are sharing!
    So sorry about your fall, hope you are not too sore today! Except for the fall looks like you are having a Wonderful time!

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