May 21, 2018

In real time we are now in Rome

I still have three posts to complete before I start posting about Roma but thought I should let you know that we arrived here about noon yesterday ( Sunday ) by train.  Our airbnb is just lovely.  You can see the photos and all the information by clicking here.  Rome is expensive but we feel that this place meets more than we could have expected.  The bonus is that it is just three short blocks from the Metro and is centrally located.

After meeting our host and unpacking we headed into Rome and to the Spanish Steps ( which were built by the French so why call them Spanish ), there are fleur-de-lis all over certain short columns as well as the King of France emblems on the church, Trinità dei Monti, at the top of the steps.

We were supposed to have a two hour tour which despite the rain, the guide managed to extend to three hours plus 🙁  I was already tired when we started and with a lower immune system from the rain in Naples,  I immediately succumbed to the wet and the cold.  I was unable to stop and and eat dinner as I really needed to get back to the apartment and go to bed, my entire head and body were reeling.  Colin had to support me walking and up steps as we headed home.  I was a wreck.  I slept from 9PM to 7AM, only if you don’t count my getting up every hour to gargle salt water.  My throat was on fire and I could barely swallow.  The sleep did me a lot of good and then I dozed off and on until noon.  I don’t think I have slept more that five hours per night since we left home.

I also had a tumble on the street in Naples on our last night and now am dealing with bumps and bruises.  I don’t think I was ready to start the trip doing over 20,000 steps per day and climbing lots of stairs.  I was doing very good with my walking on the Isla but doing all the company and personal taxes once we got home took their toll on my walking as I sat still for three weeks.

So today I can barely move nor walk  as every area of my body hurts as well as my feet.  Tomorrow is our day at the Vatican so I stayed home today to rest.  Poor Colin had to go out last night after I went to bed and find something to eat and today he left about four hours ago to do some sightseeing on his own. Before we left we reviewed our notes re what we want to see at the Vatican and I cross referenced all my notes.  The thing is, it is drizzling yet again and still very cold.  I am sitting with two blankets wrapped around me.  I really regret taking my heavy sweater out of the suitcase.

So there you have it in real time which is 7PM local time in Italy.  Hoping to get a post or two done later today.







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