May 08, 2018

Fighting the birds

Too much poop.  The black birds are nesting in the cedar hedge and using the area on the roof for their landing area.

I asked Colin for some help.

He put an owl on the roof. My desk is just to the left of the front door. I was tired of bird poop on the steps as well as the front patio.

It appears to be successful as I haven’t heard the pitter patter of the birds walking over my head today nor do we have any more white splotches on the patio.  Mission accomplished 😎   Sadly the geese remain brazen and one particular couple keep coming up on the lawn to dine and to poop on the lake patio.  I suspect that we will come home in June to a patio full of sh** 🙁

We had this tree trimmed before we left for Mexico last fall but it was difficult at the time to get a clear view of the top.  I think we should bring it in a bit on the top upper left.  We don’t want it to get too tall.  Do any of you have thoughts on this?

Last night.  I wonder if we will see any sunsets in Europe.

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5 Responses to “Fighting the birds”

  1. George Yates says:

    The Battle of the birds can be frustrating good luck.

  2. I have used a super shooter high power squirt gun to deter the pigeons from sitting on our eaves and ledges in the Mazatlán house. If you hit them with water a few times they get wary. No idea if it would be the same with geese. Good luck!

  3. Upriverdavid says:

    How about a paintball gun?

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