May 04, 2018

Another full day

Things are getting done and we are starting to look forward to leaving.  Today we picked up my sunglasses with the new lenses.  So nice to see clearly again and they gave me a great discount.  Colin also picked up his two pairs of glasses with new lenses which due to excessive scratching in just a few months, were no charge to us.  Just writing this reminded me to be sure to send flowers to the manager of Lake Country Optical.  We managed a few more errands before we had to rush home re two sets of folks showing up.

I took this about a week ago.

The tree is now full of green leaves.

We had someone come by late morning re needing to have our outdoor caulking redone on our add a room/aka as an Arizona or Florida room.  He mentioned to us that our wicker colour window frames which are guaranteed for life are turning white.  For that matter so are the windows frames by a different manufacturer on the main side of the house also turning white.  We think that it is totally due to the intense sun we get most of the day.  The window frames on the street side of the house are just fine.  I really don’t want to have to think about dealing with this problem 🙁

We brought a suitcase home for some Isla friends last month.  Janet is a blog reader which is how we met and she and her husband Grant came to the Isla several years ago and now rent a house there for five months of the year.  We do have a lot in common so it was great having them over for a late lunch this afternoon.  They live in Osoyoos, about 150 miles south of here, almost next to the US border.  They came to town to do some shopping and pick up their luggage.  They lost their dog on the Isla just four months before we lost the girls and we all still miss our pets.

Our posed photo with Janet and Grant before they left.  We were too busy talking during lunch and during our tour of Holiday Park in the golf cart to take photos.

We pass this magnificent tree whenever we go to our wee garden.

The perfume from the blossoms is wonderful.  The color is so very unique.

The person who had this plot was mixing in sawdust to help break up the clumps of soil.  I Googled that and depending on the type of sawdust it may be more of a detriment. I will have to ask her if the sawdust is organic or if it has chemicals in it.

We went to water twice today. These are my perimeter flowers coming up.

Finally back home about 6PM and time to relax. Looks like this lady had the same idea.

She sat there for a very long time and finally got up. All the while her partner was swimming just out front.  You can see from the waves that it was a very windy day.

Time for a stretch.

She slowly waddled toward our steps down to the beach but I think she saw me in the window and suddenly flew off to join her mate.

So ends a long day.  But it is only 8:35PM and now I get to relax.  Colin has been playing for the last 2 1/2 hours.  Tomorrow we have to make some final decisions re our trip.  Best to rest now.

Thanks for checking in.  Hope you all are planning to have a wonderful weekend.

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8 Responses to “Another full day”

  1. Dee Tillotson says:

    The photos of the tree with the shocking pink blooms are amazing. The blooms look to be akin to orchids! Do you happen to know the name of the tree? When the tree completes its blooming, does it sprout green leaves? My neighbor has a beautiful tulip tree which blooms in early spring, but the rest of the year the tree looks like twigs with no leaves.

    • Contessa says:

      It is a tulip tree which is also called a magnolia tree. The colors are more purple than pink but very vivid. This is the only tree that I have see this color on. Usually they are white or pale pink. Try Googling Magnolia Ann to get more info. Yes the tree does fill with green leaves.

  2. George Yates says:

    Nice to get your new glasses taken care of sounds like you are about ready to go.

    • Contessa says:

      No where near ready to go but we still have week. Totally manageable now. The big things are done or so I hope.

  3. Peter says:

    A beautiful Magnolia! We have the same tree planted in our front yard. Over time it will grow to be a real head turner.

    • contessa says:

      One day I hope to come visit and check out your wonderful Magnolia. One of my very favorite trees.

  4. Wow, those guys are great! I envy their health regimen. Wish we spent more time on the Isla.

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